Just a Thought, Just Because – Jailhouse Remedies

It was not the first time I had ever walked through electric doors
and motorized gates that shut with a loud slam
that sounded like a loud exclamation point,
which exclaimed about the absence of freedom.
Also, it was not the first time that I was escorted
or led through a hallway yet this time,
everything was different.

This time, I was walking through the hallways
and moving through the corridors to a specific wing
and led to a place in a correctional facility
as a specialist and/or quite possibly
a professional.

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Just a Thought, Just Because – Here’s the Question (It’s More Than One)

What does it mean to be a pioneer?
What does it mean to be the first of your kind
to lead without being led
or to step away from the predictions that tell you,
“You can’t do it,”
yet when you go ahead and do it anyway –

So then,
what does it take to defy the odds
or turn off the volume
on the voices that speak against you?

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Just A Thought, Just Because – I’ll Call This ‘The Room’

It is quiet now. Then again, of course it is –
quiet, I mean
The sun is up. It’s Sunday.
I can see the sunlight passing through the trees
and everything else is silent, like it’s supposed to be
I suppose . . .

What I do now and what I say here,
of course, I hope this is something
that we can keep here,
just between us – but,
here’s the trip –

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Just a Thought, Just Because – Sign on the Bottom Line

We have entered into these negotiations for life
with the best intentions. We are here to negotiate
the terms of our next chapter and
therefore, going forward,
we have to come to a clear agreement
and therefore collectively,
we have to come to a decision
that from this moment onward,
whether our motivation changes or our levels of discipline
whither or vanish;
whatever we choose to agree upon at this point,
we have to be sure of all we agree upon.

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Just a Thought, Just Because – It’s the Dog in Us

And, I begin where I am . . .
I’m standing here at the face of a new day,
waiting for the sun to prevail
and looking to make a move or two,
just to keep my hopes alive.

I am north of where I was yet
there’s a piece of me, southbound,
where the waters are pure and emerald bays
are prevalent in the landscapes around me.

And hope, you say?
Sure, I have hope.

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Just a Thought, Just Because – You Can Recover


The horse moved through flesh that evening,
and another soul
forfeited its right to the kingdom the next morning,
just to feel a bit closer to heaven


Before next, it was sunrise and in the absence of presence,
there would be no recollection of anything so perfect,
other than a nod, of course,
which tripped the lines of fascination
and taught the mind to descend
into slow moving pools
of absolute bliss

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