Written For The Anxious

The thing about our feelings is no one else feels them. Others can relate but still, this is us. I am me. You are you. It’s just that simple.
I don’t know what 10lbs. feels like in your arms. I don’t know what it feels like to lift something heavy with your strength. I only know what weight feels like to me. And sometimes life just feels too heavy.
Am I right?
We have our ideas and our opinions, which have been trained by our the perception of our experience.
But beware of your thoughts. They are not always real.
Be mindful that feelings are not fact and neither are expectations.

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Time To Play The Game

I see you know. You are young and everything is new. You are on the verge of a new chapter, which is great.
In fact now, these days are the best days. You and I are living in amazing times. No, really. It’s the truth.
This is the beginning. This is where you make your start. This is where you get ready to make your mark on the world. We go back to the old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” because it is, regardless to how old you are.

I want to be helpful to you. But the best way to be helpful is to be honest.
This is life.
There will be good times and bad. There will be disappointments and letdowns but there will be moments that are so astounding, no words I can write will match how amazing you will feel.
There is a word for this. it’s called “Victory.”
It’s a feeling known as “Victorious,” and you will have this; perhaps not in your time or in your perfect ways, but this will be here for you.

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Operation Depression: To Find Freedom

I am not sure where the pressure began. I can say in all honesty, looking all the way back (like most people) I could create a timeline and see where the major changes occurred that led to the standards I have created for myself. In some cases, the standards I have for myself are as usual and as common as normal, everyday life.
In other instances, however, there are standards which I have created for myself that are based from the fears of my past.
There were boundaries created —or better yet, these were barriers set in place, like a line drawn in the sand, which was my statement to be read, loud and clear, and to be heard and aggressively interpreted as, “This will never happen again.”

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