Prose From the Soul: The Scene

I went to visit a place from my past,
which was unrecognizable to me now.
All the stores had changed
and the buildings looked differently to me.
Then again,
maybe everything looks different to me now,
especially the way I view myself or life; therefore, everything has changed
either physically or at minimum,
our life has changed on a cellular level.
Therefore everything has changed
because of the way we’ve adapted to it.

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Prose From The Soul: And The Truth Shall Set You Free

One of the questions I’m asked is if everything I write about is true?
Or, one could offer the idea that perhaps what I write is only true to me, which it is.
This is all true to me. Everything I write is true, even when (or if) it’s not true to someone else or true; I have come to the understanding that everyone has their own version of truth. Why else do people argue? Then again, perhaps the biggest problem is that we mistake opinions for fact and therefore, no matter what we think, there is only one truth. Any other version of that truth is no longer true. It’s only true to us.

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Prose From the Soul: So This is 50

I never prayed much.
Not just because of my thoughts on religion or the lack thereof
and not for any other reason
than the fact that I have no tongue for it.

I think of myself as an equal to the parable about the tax collector –
he was the so-called sinner to which
the righteous man or the Pharisee
saw himself as better
or “greater than”.

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Prose From the Soul: Trippy Dreams Theory

I take to the dream like an old familiar place
which I’ve been to a thousand times; yet,
it’s been years since my last trip to the brownstones.

I see the old familiar corners of back home
where eyes were bright and youth was wild.
I remember us as longhaired maniacs.
We looked to find our way around mediocrity
and tried to promote own own rebellion,
one scar at a time.

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Prose From the Soul: It’s Time to Stand Up (and be counted)

I’ve heard this question asked before –
What can we do to save someone’s life?
I’ve heard people ask, what can we do
to get people to change their ways
or how to see things differently?

Unfortunately, the answer is nothing.
The answer is there’s nothing harder to change
than a person’s belief system.

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Prose From the Soul: Invested

Now, of course, this is easy to say.
Then again, words are only words,
unless you mean them.
For example, take the words, “I love you,”
or the words “You mean everything to me.” 

These words mean everything,
unless they mean nothing.
These words have the ability to heal, uplift,
build and repair the soul.
Or, they can do the opposite
and tear us apart – it all depends.

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Prose From the Soul: Flashback

It isn’t much just to look up and see the stars.
Then again, I suppose there is a time
when we were young.
There was a time when we were free
to feel the adrenaline of a midnight hour,
which is when the night was only beginning.

You could feel it too – coming on
like a storm that can’t be stopped
and like the first rain drop
soon enough,
you knew the rage was about to pour.

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