Voices From The Fallen: One Of The Gems

I remember back when I landed my first real suit and tie job. I was a low-level salesman in the bottom-end of a dying industry, which was literally brutal because shit rolls downhill. And me, I was literally at the bottom.

The abuse was tough; the phone calls, the door to door sales, the cold-calling; the constant rejection and hearing the same damned thing all the time. My products were necessary but they were the least important. O sold to garment manufacturers.
At the time, I worked for a company that manufactured labels and identification items—if there is any confusion about this, pretty much, the label in your shirt that itches the back of your neck? Yeah, that was me.

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Voices From The Fallen: You Never Forget Them

There was a night in my young life when I turned left instead of right. Some of my friends went off in one direction and I chose the group that split off to the left. Simple, right?
This was the night I was picked up by law enforcement. This is when I lost to my decisions and no matter how I tried to run or manipulate the system; there was no getting away from this.

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Voices From The Fallen: A Scene From A Park Bench

There is something to be said about people that go through a lived experience with each other. Same as I will never forget the kids from the neighborhood, and same as I will never forget the first time I listen to Led Zeppelin at the back of a middle school’s empty football field, and the same as I will never forget the first time I was in a fistfight or the last time I stepped out a courthouse, it would be impossible for me to forget the people I lived with, long ago, in a lifetime, far, far away.
It would be remiss of me to say the people I met so long ago had nothing to do with the person I have become now. And should I see any of them now, regardless of how much time has come between now and then, I would embrace them as brotherly now as I did when we were close.

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