stream of consciousness poetry


It is too late for me to change anything with words.
So if I am to change, then I can only change by action.
Otherwise, I will remain still,
and everything around me will stay the same
or unchallenged.

By definition, freedom is the exemption from outside control.
However, my freedom is limited so long as I hold myself captive.

If I am free, then I am free not only of body, but of soul.
Yet, if I am held captive,
there is no worse captivity
than the one I volunteer for.

There is no prison worse than my own. So if I am to be free,
I must first understand my ability to remove my own restraints
and provoke my desires to be anything other than enslaved.

I have to inspect the infections of the lies we ingest
because that which we learn
is often taught,
and that which we are taught is often untrue.

In some cases, the difference between love and lies is one chromosome away from being equal.
My love is a dream.
But there were days when the lies I lived were to achieve these dreams, even if they came at a lesser value,
which by then the words,
“So help me God,” did not mean what they should, and the words, “Cross my heart and hope to die,” did not confine me to the truth, but instead,
they opened my eyes to the fact that I gave away my dignity
for a smaller replication of something I always wanted . . .

If my life is contingent or hinged upon anyone else—then in order to be free, I need to redefine my definitions of leadership. I need to determine my own worth and assess my values.
And should I choose to follow anyone or anything; then I should follow wholeheartedly, and not step halfway into the birth of light, but submerge myself in the wealth of its truth~

I believe in the ability of divine intervention.
God is the Father and Earth is Mother.

The clock begins at 12 and then rounds its face to start again:
One day at a time

But since time is money and money is the root of all evil
this leaves me to ask, “Where has all the time gone?”
Was it wasted on the wrong versions of success,
or was it lost in the translation of my own misconceptions?

We have all been contaminated by the inaccurate lessons of social status. But if I am to be truly free, then money or the measure of my wealth does not determine whether I am successful.

This is for me to decide

If I am free to become a part of this so-called society, then I am equally as valuable as any component or person that stands beside me.

The bible says, “He who is first shall be last, and the last shall be first,” I see this as kind words from The Son to remind us, “Your incarceration is only temporary,” and the paradise of your tomorrow will be beyond anything we’ve ever dreamed about.

And I do dream
I dream about what it means to stand beside the sea

and feel the salt air on my skin. I want to stand in a place where I’ve never been.
I want to wait near the southern pacific borders
between me and the Baja cities of Mexico,

. . . and watch the sunset.






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