5 short verses


A man’s love for woman
is the same as his need for food and survival.

And truly, it is incredible what man will do to survive.

It is amazing how limitless he can be when hungry

. . . . .  and she becomes his only meal.


My yesterday left as soon as I walked away.
Everything was gone,
except for the strands of hair you left on my pillow

but hey . . . .

we all have to rebuild from somewhere.


Is love real?

When you see her . . . . you will know.
you will know because her eyes and smile
will somehow evaporate yesterday’s darkness.

When you breathe in tune
When you compliment her silence
without needing an explanation . . .

When there is never anything lonesome or separated
there are no secrets
and something inside of you
stirs when she stands in the doorway

You will know.


Know this:

Know that tomorrow is easier
When it moves further from today.

Know that kindness is only weakness
if given away in fear of loneliness . . .

Know your value
Know your limits
Know that if you accept the trade
or give yourself to someone for a lesser value
You will eventually hate them almost as much
as you hate yourself for giving away your dream

So don’t give in


There are three things I always try to remember

  • Just because someone has the same dream;
    it doesn’t mean they have the same desire.

  • My redemption has nothing to do with anyone’s response

  • Live and love to the best of your ability. Always.
    And whenever possible,
    watch the sun come up at the rocks on the beach at Point Lookout.

    (It’s a good thing to see)


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