Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Bless us O Lord for these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive because all through the land, families will gather together and sit at tables, crowded with food, and the television will play and the news will show the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Aunts and Uncles, cousins, brother and sisters, friends from all around; we gather here on this day to give thanks for all that we have been given
We say thanks for the food and thanks for the warmth. Thanks for the roof above our head, the clothes on our backs, and the shoes on our feet.
We say thanks for the in-laws (or the outlaws if we regret them) and thanks to the makers of stuffing and mashed potatoes
Thanks for the Moms on full-time duty for they are truly underappreciated 

Thanks to all those who’ve braved the traffic and thanks to those who made it even when age or life’s predicaments might have placed them elsewhere

We say Grace before the meal and bow our heads in holy disposition with fingers clasped, and eyes closed with submissive attitude to announce our surrender before God.
We pray for those who are with us and for those who are gone.
We pray for our loved ones close and far away.

As a child, I remember a holiday in which we set an empty place-setting at the table. This was for the loved ones that passed. And we poured them a glass of wine, which sat at their plate. And we prayed to them and wished for them to come visit.

As a child, my understanding of mortality was limited. However, as an adult, I am aware of mortality but yet, I still look upon the loved ones and the empty spaces at the Thanksgiving table with childlike eyes and childlike admiration.

Today, we gather to consume a meal. We eat until our bellies become fat and after, we sit back to feel what it means to enjoy this time with our family
We gather to say thanks and when we pray, we pray for those who are less-fortunate. We pray for those who are lost and can’t be found.

At least, I do
I pray for this with all my heart
I pray for us to find our way
I pray for us to heal and to forgive

I pray for my friends and I pray for my enemies
I pray for those who have deceived me and I pray for those I have deceived
I pray for my friends in need of shelter and I pray for my friends that await their release.

I Pray for us and our culture
I pray for our health
And I pray for us and our own personal resurrection.
May we find it now.

Bless us the meek, for we shall inherit the earth
Bless us the meek as we endure and wait until that day comes.
Bless us the old, the young, and the in-between

Bless us the poor and the needy
Bless us the rich and the wealthy, the right wing and the left, the independent, the individual and the indivisible; bless us everyone because one day, we will come to find that regardless to our sums of money and regardless to our views or social snobbery, in the end, we all end up in the same sized box.

Bless us the hungry and feed us with your promises of salvation
Bless us the tired and huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Bless us the greedy and the egocentric; bless us the self-centered maniacs because if for no other reason, who else would we prayer for if not ourselves?

Bless us the insecure
Bless us the beautiful and bless them that walk the Earth without ever know how incredible they truly are

Bless us our children and our children’s children
And bless us our political opinions, which have replaced organized religions by far and taken us by storm to create more wars than any religion ever could

Bless us the brokenhearted and let us heal
Bless us our places here at the dinner table and bless us this meal, which we are about to receive because a time will come, and one day, this will all be a memory.

Bless us one and all
Bless us our common tragedies and prejudices
Bless our arrogance because Father, we know not what we do

Blessed Father, watch over my family and keep me in your graces so that I may hold them from now and beyond the hours of our deaths, Amen.

Blessed Father, keep me on your path.
Let me feel the warmth of sunlight.
Let me feel the breeze fly through my hair.
Let me live long enough to understand this journey you have sent me on
Let me learn how to live, love, and laugh without worry or concern.

Blessed Father, I ask for those who cannot ask for themselves, but of course, I ask for me as well. Please help me and heal me.
Keep us safe.

As I write to you, I am in office alone and on the job. I am here but my mind and my heart is elsewhere. Blessed Father, please let me see these places  as soon as humanly possible

William Burroughs once said to Jim Carroll, “Did you ever see the Fjords? You need to see the Fjords before you die.” 

I don’t want to see the Fjords so much. But there are things I want to see.
Blessed Father, please help me to make this so



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