And On The Seventh Day…..

I prefer the autumn months
I like watching the sun rise over the rooftops in my town, and below,
the trees switch into color and the limbs become bald.
The leaves fall to the ground, and the branches look like hooked fingers that poke at the sky.

In times like this, I sit and look through my window. I watch the squirrels run along the power lines that stretch above the rear fence.
The power lines reach between the backyards on Alder Avenue and Rowehl Drive. They go from Cayuga Avenue to Andrew, and in heavy storms, this line is always affected.

I appreciate my town. I grew up here. I lost my innocence in a few spots, but I regained my composure, and returned a different person.
And while much of the town has changed with facelifts and new landscaping, this is still where I come from…

Over the years, I have worked for different employers. I have tried different opportunities to find myself, but passion is important, and none of them held my interest.
I have worked on both sides of the white and blue collar, and either side comes with its own hassle. Both come with an element of deceit, and both are guilty of feeding the gossip mills and rumor factories.

I have withstood 22 years of commuting to and from New York City.
I suppose I am used to this by now. I have grown somewhat numb to the inconsiderate passengers and arguments that come with my daily train ride.
I am no longer surprised when the trains are delayed or running with fewer cars. I have seen everything on the railroad.
I have seen fist fights, and medical emergencies. As well, I have watched the police board the train and remove passengers that refused to pay their fare.

I have watched couples slip into the bathrooms, which are seldom cleaned, and I can only assume what they did because of their messy-haired look, and the after-sex twinkle in their eyes when they came out.
But I will admit; I did that when I was younger.

I used to believe I needed to feel wild to enjoy life.
I wanted to live fast and see everything. But moving so fast, I missed so much. I forgot to take a minute and look around.
Perhaps, this is why awareness comes with age.
And now that I am older, I enjoy simpler things.
Like now; like the sunrise and the way it glows against the siding of my neighbor’s house.
I like the quiet of my home. Everyone else is sleeping, including my dogs.
Oscar the Bird is sleeping too, but as I write to you, the fish in my fish tank swivel up and down against the glass, hoping I will turn around and feed them.

I often write about, “My trick.”
This is it. My trick is to find a better way of life.
I used to be stuck on trying to impress people. But that never works. Someone always has a greener yard. Someone always has more money or they already learned how to build a better mousetrap.
And if this is the case, then why bother with them?

I dig these rituals…
I dig my Sunday morning exercise, which is nothing more than watching the sky change from my window and drinking coffee.
I set aside a moment to have a word with The Father.
I think some. I eat some. Then I write some, and by this time, my house is beginning to wake.
Roxxy the dog comes down first. She wags her little tail and sits beside me while I sit at my desk. Brody the Dog comes down after.
He is more high-strung. Brody is the curious sort. He has broken his share of the house, eaten cell phones, sunglasses, and remote controls.
But he is my boy
Last is Buster the Bulldog. He is like me.
Buster walks slowly down the stairs. He exhales when he reaches the bottom, and then he walks into the kitchen for something to drink.

My dogs are a part of my trick. My wife, my house, and my craft; this is my trick.
I have seen people build things. I have seen people build model planes, boats, and model cars. I have friends that build homes, and engines.
I want to build a life…
I want to leave something behind.
I want to create and today being Sunday, as well as my only day off, I plan to do just that.

Enjoy your morning folks and thanks for stopping by

One thought on “And On The Seventh Day…..

  1. Love those dogs 🙂 ! I love it here not too urban where its just concrete and not too country so we have convenience. Its a happy medium the suburbs !

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