Get up. Get out of bed. Get dressed. And go.

I make no mistake when I say there will always be some kind of adversity.
There will always be someone who comes along or someone to tell you about what you’ve done wrong or how and where you can improve.
There will always be someone resting in the comforts of an armchair or behind a computer screen with a critique and an opinion. And there will always be the one who criticizes your progress. They’ll do this as if this was their job. They will pluck the feathers from the wings of your dreams and they’ll do this so you’ll never take off before them or without them.

There will always be someone or something out there to contribute to your list of excuses and there will always be a way to rationalize why “it’s okay” to quit or give up.
Trust me, no one has to go very far to find this. If you’re looking for a way out or a reason to give up, there will always be one at any turn or on any corner. Not to mention, there will always be someone willing to welcome you with this. There will always be someone who contributes to your failures; as if to them, this becomes one of their successes.
After all, if you refuse to travel or if you fail to compete, then that’s just one less person for the world to worry about.
See what I mean?

People will never disappoint when it comes to us “giving in” because, again, there will always be someone or something that can contribute to this list. Not to mention . . .
There will always be the emotional hangovers or the bumps and bruises from a personal letdown. There will always be pain. There will always be the sweat and the blood. There will always be the early-morning hours when the alarm clock rings and, as tired as we are, there are a list of reasons why we’d rather stay in bed and keep our head on the pillow.

I make no mistake when I say this and yet; I make no mistake when I say there is only one reason to get up.
There is only one reason to get out of bed.
There is only one person that drives me and that person is me.

I am the way. I am the answer.
I am the sum of my efforts and although I can be the sum of my fears and excuses, I can also be the sum of my endurance and the sum of my desires and my passion to succeed or to overcome.

The same goes for you.
When you wake up before the sun comes up or when the alarm rings and when there are a trillion reasons why you could walk the other way or when there are a million people around you who say why your plans will never work – there is only one reason to keep going.

You are always going to be the prime mover.
You are always going to be the prime motivator who sets the standard for yourself. 
No one else can feel what you feel or overcome what you can overcome.

You can be inspired to the tallest hill yet if you do nothing or if you move nothing then nothing moves and nothing changes. Deep down you’ll know that the only way you’ll climb up or exceed your limitations is because, at the earliest hour, when the rest of the world was resting their pretty little heads – you got up.
You chose. You stood up.
You chose to meet your destiny to the point of win, lose or draw because either way and by any means necessary – no matter what strain you felt or how discouraging the environment might be; no matter what anyone tells you or if anyone encouraged you or told you to “go to hell,” you made the decision to get up and go.
You did. No one else.

It is Monday morning and upon the hour of writing to you, the time is approximately 4:30am, whereas now that we know the truth and now that we know that no one will cross the finish line for us and that no one will get out of bed for us; now is the time for us to get up, get moving, prepare, process and create our progress.

Whether it is only one step forward or a thousand, now is the time to get up and go.

If you have something to say then say it.
If you have something to write then write it.
If you have work to do then do it.
Get up.
Go now because no one is going to do this for you.

If this hurts, then good.
That just means you have passion that’s been burning inside of you and it’s been doused and caged for way too long.

Ah, but rest assured, the same as no one will get up or do the work for you, there are countless people who will help you stay still. There are countless people who will help you feed yourself the lies of why things cannot be done.
There will always be an endless supply of excuses and there will always be someone who is quick to rationalize our otherwise inherent laziness.

No one deserves their life to be in a cage. No one deserves to be limited to the point where their wings have been clipped; therefore, their dreams cannot spread and your hopes will not take off.

There is no one who will do this for you.
There is no one who can learn for you or accept the lessons that are necessary to reach your next level of awareness or to find your best possible potential.

There is no one who will make your sales.
There is no one who will do your work.
There is no one who will push you or promote you or when the weight is on your shoulders and life is seemingly against you; there is no one else in the world who will suit up for you and face the changes.

Although there are people who will love you and there will be people who cheer from the sideline as spectators – either way, whether people cheer or boo – it doesn’t matter.
You and I still have a race to run. We have things to do and dreams to achieve.
We have a farm to build.
We have a life to live. To you who is on the outside looking in and asking, “What the hell does he mean about having a farm to build?” 

There is a dream of mine and like anyone else in this world, I have mountains to overcome. I have hills to climb. I have steps to take and I have work that needs to be done.
By me saying, “I have a farm to build,” this is my morning motivation because indeed I have a farm to build.

I have a place in mind.
I have a dream in store and a facility that I aim to create which, in reality, I hope to build this place –

I do not know what today has in store for me but either way and come what may, I am going to face it.
I do not know if there is success ahead or otherwise. 

In some cases, I see myself as a captain out in the ocean and whether this means deadly-seas or calm waves – I have a ship to sail and miles to endure.
Therefore, I am here at my helm, sitting inside this wheelhouse in my mind and preparing myself to navigate my way through the seas of this place which I call Project Earth. 

I know there are obstacles for the both of us.
However, it is our job to make them into opportunities: from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for all of this lifetime; until death do us part (Amen).

It’s time to go . . .

Up and ready to run before the sun.
The time is 4:40am and all I can say is this –

Bless you for not giving up on me . . .

Good morning, reflection.
I’m ready if you are.

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