Morning Prose

There was a movie about a dying man that hired a nurse for her looks instead of her nursing ability.

I get that.

There are times when I feel overwhelmed. There are times when the stack of bills is too high…..

Everything seems like its breaking apart, and my courage to change the things I can has become weak.

But a smile helps…

When my daughter was much younger, I was going through financial hardship. I recall sitting at my desk, feeling hopeless, and worrying about the things I could not change.

My little girl walked into the room and asked to feed the fish.


I picked her up and reminded her, “Just give them a pinch.”

I had to tell her this. Otherwise, she dumped too much food into the tank.

And with her little fingers, my daughter pinched the flakes, and then she sprinkled them into the fish tank.

We watched as the fish swam up to eat the food that sank in their world.

Then my little girl smiled.

She smiled the kind of smile that helped me forget about the crisis at hand.

Needing more I asked, “Punky?”

She looked up at me with the light from my fish tank brightening her face.

“Do fish get thirsty?”

Then she laughed. She laughed the kind of laugh that made me realize the gift of being a dad.

“Silly Daddy!”

Laughter and beauty may not cure colds or stop the flu. They may not pay the bills or help fix the things that fall apart. But they do save the spirit.

…….On his death bed, Bobby Fischer said, “Nothing is a healing as the human touch.”

I understand that.

I understand because in the roughest times of my life, I know how it feels to be saved by the warmth of a woman’s hand ……and be in love

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