I try not to give in
I see you wipe the temptation from your smile,
which inevitably calls after midnight to ask me something intriguing.

You see?

I am alone
and you are like the wind through the mane of white velvet horses,
charging through the sands in my spine,
and promising me the wealth of your temporary ponies.

This how the body folds
the mind slips into distance
hours escape

and the Lower Westside is dealt another loss.

It amazes me
the way years pass ….and yet
you still wipe the temptation from your grin as if to say,
“I’m over here.”

20 years clean
and he died as if he never stopped.

“What do you expect? He was a junkie….he asked for it.”

Believe me when I tell you

…..no one asks for this



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