Poem: this thing I have…

I have this thing I keep.
It isn’t something you could see
or I could show you

It isn’t something you or I could touch
it’s just something I can feel.

I have this thing and I keep everything I own inside of it
I keep my memories and my love
I keep my tragedies and my downfalls
I keep my blessings as well as my benefits.
I keep everything here.
Right here….right inside

I have this thing I keep and I hold it close.
I keep it special because it lives and breathes.
It is alive,
the same as you and me.

Some days it weeps
and others it smiles.
Some days it wonders
and some it worries.
Some days I draw from its strength
and some, it draws from mine.

I have this thing, but I cannot explain what it is better than this:
I cannot see it,
but I know it’s there.
It always has been,
and if I’m successful,
it always will be

I have not always shared or exposed this thing
I suppose I mostly keep it to myself
and I do that because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid,
and I don’t want anything to tarnish its value.
I’m afraid of losing what I have,
because this thing I have
means everything to me.

 ….so I keep it close
just like I keep you

right here….right inside


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