What love feels like

There is not much time left to change us.
Who I am—is who I am
and the road I have traveled has led me up to here
(With you)

I don’t want to waste another minute with anticipation.
I don’t want today to pass like some curious whisper
and all I’ll have tomorrow
is the regret of what I never said yesterday.

I don’t want to waste another moment
. . . . and make it useless.

I know what it means to feel alone in a crowd
and then one day —

                             you find somebody.

And it’s good.

It’s good because you realize there is beauty in the world.
You realize there is someone else,
or another half to your existence,
and you understand there is something more valuable in life
than self-gratification.

It’s like finding the world’s most precious diamond
and holding it in your hand.

  . . . . And you can’t believe it’s real
All you can do is look

 . . . . and when you look
you’re almost afraid to blink

 . . . . because if you blink
you’re afraid what you found might vanish
when you open your eyes.

But it’s good         (You know?)

It’s good because there is someone out there
so beautiful
that she can change the way you breathe ~

This is the kind of thing that while yes, a tear forms in your eye,
and yes, the stir in your stomach is somewhat terrifying,
                               you sort of smile
because you feel your heart beat for like the first time

 . . . . and it’s good.



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