Written For Sessions In The Balcony: Just For Fun

“Don’t go,” she said.
“Stay,” she told him.
“What for,” he asked.
“There’s nothing left for us to talk about.”

Marie stood from the love seat in her small studio apartment. The lights were dim and she was dressed comfortably. The curtains were halfway opened at the only window in her apartment that hung above a small round table that sat against the wall at the edge of a little, eat-in kitchen.
There were four candles burning in the apartment; two white candles were in candlestick holders on the coffee table in front of the couch, and the matching pair were on a shelf that hovered above Marie’s bed. The bed was made neatly with a white comforter folded over and the white sheet beneath it was folded over that.
There were throw pillows on the bed and pictures of Jacob and Marie on the wall as well as placed around the apartment in different picture frames. The television was muted on the stand across from the couch and its bluish light blinked against the walls in the tiny apartment.

Jacob exhaled, partly frustrated and partly emotional.
“It’s getting late,” he explained.
She pleaded, “I don’t want you to go,”
but Jacob was already standing in front of the door.
“We’ve been going over this for the last four hours.” Jacob said.
“Nothing changes between us . . . Nothing ever changes.”

Marie was wearing one of Jacob’s old t-shirts. It was the first t-shirt Jacob ever left in Marie’s apartment. It was also the same shirt she wore whenever Jacob was away for the night or out of town on business. The shirt was large on Marie’s small frame. The neck hung loose, nearly falling off of her shoulder, and her nipples poked from beneath the worn, gray fabric. Even the long pajama pants she wore belonged to Jacob because as she saw it; everything belonged to Jacob—included Marie.

Jacob asked, “How many more times do we have to go through this?”
“Just one more time,” she responded.
“I promise.”

Marie stepped out from behind the coffee table as Jacob continued to stand by the apartment door. Marie looked directly at him. The flicker of candlelight glimmered in Marie’s tears that fell from her soft, brown eyes. She refused to look away from him. She refused to turn away, in fear that Jacob might leave and never return.

Crossing her left hand over her right, Marie reached down and lifted the old t-shirt above her head. She was bare breasted to him and measuring the seconds between her and Jacob’s approach. Her breasts were full and her nipples were firm. Jacob could not deny her—and deep down, Marie knew this, which is why she slowly lowered her pajama pants with her eyes still locked on Jacob’s.

“Make love to me,” she said.
“If this will be the last time, then let it be the last time. But I want you to make love to me before you leave. And if you go, then I want you to go home with the smell of me on your clothes and the feel of me on your body.”

“If this is going to be the last time,” she said,
“Then I want this to be a time you will never forget.”
Her heart was beating. She was still in love with him and willing to do all that it took to keep Jacob from walking out of her apartment and out of her life.

Jacob removed his coat—but Marie did not flinch. Her tears rolled down the sides of her face as Jacob removed his white buttoned down shirt. He freed his arms from the sleeves, but Marie did not dare step closer to him.

Jacob called for her. “Come here,”
“No,” said Marie.
“If you want me, then you are going to have to come to me.”

Her strategy was working. Deep inside, Jacob knew he could never go anywhere without her. He knew he did not want anyone else. He only wanted Marie.
Jacob watched as the lights from the television flashed across Marie’s body. Her nipples appeared darker in this light and the shadows of Marie’s naked body flashed against the walls of her apartment. She was hairless between the legs and smooth. Her eyes were perhaps the sweetest eyes known to any man alive. Marie was the kind of sweet that made men want her. She was the type of innocent that made men want to dominate and ravage her, but yet, she was the type of woman that could warm even the coldest of hearts.

As he watched her undress, Jacob grew in excitement. He pulled his undershirt over his head. Then he unbuttoned his pants, which were about to burst at the seams. Jacob was standing at attention—beaming with his thick shaft poking through the hole of his undershorts. It was clear that he loved Marie. It was clear that he wanted her. It was clear that Jacob wanted her more than he wanted anything else in his life.

“Are you ready,” he asked.
Marie quivered.
She was ready for him, but she was also vulnerable. Her heart was full for Jacob. Her body was soaked for him—dripping with the desire that could only be created by a girl’s true love.
She knew that no other man could touch her the way Jacob touched her. No man could kiss her the way Jacob did, and certainly, no man could taste from her or love her the way Jacob did.

Marie no longer measured the seconds between herself and Jacob. Instead, she measured the moment by the pounding of her heartbeat. She could feel the blood pulse through her body as Jacob slowly approached her. His body, like hers, was finally uncovered. There was nothing left between them but skin on skin alone. There was nothing between them but inches of vacant air, which would at last be smothered by the connection of their aching bodies as they finally entwined.

Marie threw her arms around Jacob’s neck as he leaned down to place his tongue in her mouth. She allowed herself the tiniest moan—it was a moan which triggered a reaction in Jacob as he brought his arms around her back and pulled Marie tightly against him.

Jacob ordered Marie to, “Get on the bed.”
Obediently, Marie turned, but as she leaned forward, Jacob swept behind and entered her body through the back entrance. Jacob reached around, gripping at Marie’s chest with one hand and pulling her waist into his hips with the other.

“Is this what you wanted,” he asked.
“Yes,” she pleaded.

The sound of Jacob pushing into Marie was loud—it was like two bodies clapping together, repeatedly, and each time Jacob slammed into Marie from behind, the sound of their bodies colliding grew louder as Jacob’s speed became more and more furious.

She could feel him. She could feel every inch of Jacob as he moved inside of her.
“Is this what you wanted,” he asked.
“Yes,” she pleaded.

The center of Marie’s body began to drench the shaft of Jacob’s thickness. She had never been this wet for anyone before. She had never felt this needed, and yet at the same time, she had never felt this sexually dominated, or used, as if she were nothing more than a waiting hole—or a piece of meat with no other purpose than to satisfy Jacob’s thirst for her.

Jacob asked, “Is this what you wanted?”
“Yes,” Marie pleaded.

Jacob quickly removed himself from Marie’s rear entry and threw her on the bed. Watching her, Jacob stroked himself as Marie rolled to her back. She began to crawl backwards, slowly moving towards the pillows while Jacob stared at her.
She looked at him as if he were possessed. And he was possessed. He was possessed by the desire of a demon—wanting his love with a crazed hunger  and drooling over her with an unstoppable appetite

“Is this what you wanted,” he asked.
“Yes,” she pleaded.

Marie pleaded the word again, “Yes!”
“Yes,” she told him. This time, she pleaded louder.
Begging for him, Marie opened herself in total submission.

“Yes,” she moaned as Jacob slithered onto the bed and moved his face between her legs.
“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” she moaned.

Jacob extended his tongue and placed the tip of it above Marie’s hole. Next, he swiveled two fingers inside of Marie’s body, digging into her while his tongue lashed above Marie’s opening.
Jacob knew the time was coming. He knew that he was moments away from his love’s explosion. And as Marie’s legs spread wide, she reached down with both hands and pressed the back of Jacob’s head so that his face would move in closer to the center of her legs as she screamed out, “Yes!”

“Yes,” she told him.
After sipping from Marie’s body, Jacob climbed on top of her.
Marie’s legs wrapped around Jacob as he began to sink himself . . .

He was inches away from ecstasy
Seconds away
Jacob was about to fulfill his love and spill himself inside the woman he loved.

“I love you,” she moaned.
“I love you too,” he told her.

He was about to finish

about to cum . . .

But right at that moment . . .

My dinner break was over.
My boss called me away and I couldn’t finish the story

Oh well


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