Note From a Dad

There are things in this world that will bring a man to his knees. To begin with, the obvious is when a man sees a girl for the first time. He feels an unfamiliar and uncontrollable emotion. Equally as intense as it is unexpected, love comes without warning and everything automatically changes. Life looks different. Love comes along and suddenly, the moonlight from a full moon and the colors of sunrise are seen in an entirely new way.Before this experience, love was just a word that people used. Before this, love was a fairy tale that happened in stories ending with the words, “And they lived happily ever after.”

The next thing to weaken a man’s knees is the downfall of love. This, by the way, is the exact reason why they call it a “Crush,” because this is often the result of our first attempt at love.  Again, this feeling is equally unfamiliar and also uncontrollable. Equally as intense and frequently unexpected; anyone of any love can assure there is no pain like that of a broken heart.

Verily, I submit that love has the ability to build a man’s soul. Or adversely, love can take apart a man’s dreams, leaving him crumbled beneath the weight of a devastating heartbreak.

Of all sides, the plus and minus of love while equally capable to either build or destroy is what maps our journey throughout Project Earth. Like a railroad, the tracks we travel will move to a seemingly ever-changing destination. This is only so until we find our place in the world. Until then, we move through climate changes and various landscapes. Along the way, we pass the warmer times of year when lust is full and all is vibrant. Yet, into each life a little rain must fall. Each will experience the emotional coldness of a lonely winter. Each will understand what it feels like to shed in a spiritual autumn, and with hope, each of us will experience the figurative joy of rebirth in the springtime.

Love does not move in straight lines, nor does love follow rules or any specific rhythm. Like fingerprints, love is unique to the soul. Love expresses differently for different reasons. Love is unique and varies in definition. As such, love is in fact the bravest emotion known to man. Love exists with different levels of intimacy, and when flourished, love can be brilliant enough to cause shadows on the sun.

And while making my way along the tracks, I move through Project Earth and learn as I go. I have traveled through different climates and landscapes. I have moved through all the seasons of the year. I have felt cold in the warmer months and learned to find warmth in the coldest of times.

Along the way, I have learned that love is truly lifesaving and breathtaking. I have learned that love for a woman is unlike anything. A man’s love for his family is valuable. A man’s love for his dog or family pet is uniquely life changing. I can assure this without any doubt; a man’s love for his dog is greatly important.

And then one day, a man hears the word, “Daddy.”
Suddenly life evolves into purpose and the picture becomes clear.

Just one little word, “Daddy,” and all things change.

There are things that will bring a man to his knees. Take the voice of a little girl—or a Daddy’s little girl, to be more specific. This can weaken the legs of any man. Take the sound of a child’s crying plea, for example. Imagine the voice of a child crying out, “Daddy,” as a doctor places the needle. These are things that can fold a man’s spine. I know this because it has folded mine.

Imagine the toughest day at work. Combine this with bills that can’t be paid. These days are the roughest of all. Now imagine opening the front door, and there inside the room is a little smile. A little voice leaves a little mouth and says the word, “Daddy.” Suddenly, no matter how bad the world may seem—everything begins to make sense.

The length of my train has extended quite a bit as I travel through Project Earth. As the engineer in charge of my destination; I have learned that some of the tracks I have crossed have been bumpy. Other tracks on this railroad have been smooth. I have traveled through tough weather and up steep and heavy slopes. I have suffered breakdowns. I have felt pain and still continued to push my way through. But the word, “Daddy,” now there’s a word that can stop a man in his tracks.

See you soon, Punky.

Daddy loves you!


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