Making A List

 At the day job, I sometimes get projects that call for a parts list to be sure that I have what I need. And sometimes, I add extra parts, just in case I added short or I come across an unexpected turn.Either way, the idea of a parts list is to be sure that all items are covered.I collect what I need and compare this to my list and one by one, I check them off.

Mom used to write lists. She had a shopping list, a to-do list, and a call list of people she needed to call. Aunt Sondra would hold family get-togethers at the house and before each one, she would write a list of things that needed to be done.
Same as the parts list, same as Mom’s shopping lists, or same as any list for that matter, one by one, all the items were checked off.

There are all kinds of lists. Back on The Farm, there used to be a prayer list on the wall, which meant that someone was praying for you. I smile as I tell you this because I remember the list and where it was. I remember the names on it and I remember mine was up there as well.

And here it is, December . . .

We have a different list this month. We have a Christmas card list. We have a gift list.We have a list of people we need to tip like the mailman or the garbage man, or the people that serve us throughout the year. Mainly, we have a list of people we acknowledge during the holiday. Some people have long lists and some people have short ones. Some people find they aren’t on anyone’s list at all so they don’t need one either. Even the big man himself, known as Santa Claus, he makes a list. And he checks it twice.

Over the last few weeks, I have been blessed with several interactions with people looking to make new changes in their lives. Each of them wrote their own lists too.

Two words put together can be very powerful. Two words placed together can be an exclamation.They can be impactful enough to create the spark which leads to change. Two words put together can do many things so long as you mean them.

The list we’ve been working on together is called a, “No More!” list.
If we commit to them, the words “No more!” can be the most powerful two words in our language. I have collected a few of these lists and to say I am impressed is an understatement. To say they are impactful is an understatement. To say that I am blessed to be a part of this is correct. To say that I am motivated to create my own list is accurate too.

With this year coming to an end and 2019 approaching, I think a “No More!” list as an excellent way to decide what we choose to leave behind.

No more looking back
No more doubting ourselves
No more overthinking
No more panic
No more anxiety
No more regret
No more focusing on the things we cannot fix, control, or change
No more holding things that weigh us down
No more blaming or trying to find fault

No more . . .

What would life look like if we said no more to the things we want no part of and we meant it enough that finally, “No More!” was a real enough to happen?

Like I said,I have a lot of lists I need to compile these days. I have a day job list. I have a personal list. I have a prayer list and a forgiveness list. I have a priority list. I have a program list and soon enough that program list is going to change even more (at least, I think so.) I have a change list of things I want to change. And added to this, I have a “No more!” list to compile, which might have to come before all the others because so long as I hold the things that weigh me down, it will be nearly impossible for me to ever rise to the top.

And isn’t that what we want?
To live
To love
To be happy and to be us to our best possible ability

Speaking of lists the way—
Santa’s phone number is (951) 262-3062

I call every year. I won’t say what I ask for because this is between me and the big man, himself.
Either way, I call every year, and every year I give my heartfelt list of what I really want for Christmas. 
I’m not sure who checks the messages. I suppose it’s an elf because the big man is pretty busy right about now. But whoever listens, I am sure they might be surprised by my requests. I’m sure they are taken aback by the New York accent and my age because usually (I suppose) this answering machine is for kids. But as grown as I am, I’m still a kid. As grown as I am, I still want to believe. And as grown as I am, I still get choked up when I hear the wholesomeness of Santa’s voice on the answering machine.

The way I see it is if the big man is making a list and checking it twice, it must be a good idea to tell him what I want for Christmas. I could use a few things. I could use a few toys. I could use a visit from a few people I miss. I could use a new leaf blower too. And while I’m not sure of Santa can tattoo, well, I have this idea for my next one but I’ll hold off on that one.

Whatever you want this year, prioritize it, list it, and then make it so.

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