Quick Thought About Empowerment

There was a sponsor I had almost 20 years ago. His name was Nick. He was interesting to say the least. He was tough sometimes and passive on other days. Either way, Nick was my sponsor nonetheless.
One of the biggest takeaways I learned from Nick is that I cannot give in to intimidation and I cannot be afraid to try new things.

“So what if it doesn’t work?”
“Keep going until you figure it out,” Nick would say.

He told me about one of his old collectable cars that he worked on himself. Nick told me his son asked if he was scared because he might come across something and not know what to do.

Nick assured his son, “I’ll figure it out.”
“But aren’t you scared it might not work?” asked Nick’s son.
“Nothing to be scared of,” Nick explained.
“Besides,” Nick told his boy. “I’ve got you here to help me.”

I always thought this was Nick’s most endearing story. I appreciated this because being a son is not always an easy thing. Then again, neither is being a dad. But, giving in to intimidation and allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed is never helpful.

You can’t be afraid to try.

A few weeks back, I ended the first empowerment program I ever created. This program meant everything to me. I saw great things here. I watched homeless gain housing. I saw people recover. I watched people change and as a result, I changed as well. I learned and I improved.

My decision to end the group came a few weeks before the group actually ended. Although fewer people came to the class towards the end; I noticed a feeling in me.

“Maybe it’s time to move on.”

Sometimes ideas like this can be frightening.
Sometimes ideas like this can be intimidating.
Sometimes we attach our efforts to the wrong focus.

In the past, I have noticed when I attached my focus to fear of my future instead of looking for my next opportunity, I worried too much and wondered if another opportunity would come my way.

I was thinking about Nick this morning.
I was thinking about my next move and my next plan and my next opportunity and (hopefully) my accomplishment.

I was thinking of what Nick would tell me.
“You can’t be afraid to try.”

So . . .
I am working on securing a location. I am working on securing a group. I have the idea. I have the group plan, which is a weekly wellness meeting. I will reuse the name of my first group, which is “Breakfast with Benny.”

One of the first lessons I learned when becoming a life coach is people do one of two things. Either we run towards something or we run from something.
If we run towards; this means we have a goal in mind. If we run from it means any port in the storm.
I don’t ever want to run from anything ever again. Running from things is fear based. I want to be strength based
(Don’t we all?)

So it’s the works now.
I put it out to the universe and what happens next is out of my control. All I know is my old sponsor Nick would be proud of me.

I wasn’t afraid to try

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