For A Little Girl Gone

This is for you:

Once upon a time,
there was a little girl that had no voice.
But it’s okay, little girl.
You can come out now.
It’s time for us to talk.

Once upon a time,
she used to hide beneath the bed,
clutching her teddy bear,
and hoping to Dear God,
she wasn’t in trouble again.

But it’s okay little girl.
You can come out now.
They’re all gone
Nobody is here to hurt you anymore.

Little girl,
the sun has come out
and there is no end
to what you can do now.
The playground is all yours,
just waiting, and you can skip rope
or go down the slides.
You can run in the grass
and play as long as you want
because the world is yours now.
There’s no telling what we can do
because they’re all gone
and no one is around to hurt you.

I promise.

Once upon a time,
she played make-believe.
She held tea parties in her closet.
This way, she wouldn’t disturb mommy or daddy.

Once upon a time,
she sat in a circle with each of her dolls
and explained
why they all needed to be quiet.

Be quiet, she said.
Mommy might here you

It’s okay little girl.
It’s safe to come out now.
Everyone is long since gone.
You’re in the clear

She was supposed to be just like the saying,
which goes,
“Sugar and spice and everything nice.”
Too bad no one ever told her how beautiful she is.

She smiled as brightly as any girl could.
She swung high on the swing sets
and tried hard to kick the sunset.
Her hope was bigger than the world
if only she knew
I swear —
if only she knew how beautiful she is
because deep inside, she never knew.
Deep inside, she thought she was stained
and why wouldn’t she?

How can you love yourself
when the people that supposed to love you most
are the ones that loved you least?

Little girl,
You can come out now.
What “He” did was NOT your fault—
and it’s not your fault
that no one listened.

She covered her bruises to hide the shame.
She hid the scars,
which proved her stolen childhood.

The innocence she deserved was taken away.
It was beaten away
Games like Simon Says
and Red Light, Green Light
hide and seek
all of them
lost their way to frightened memories
that no child should ever have to remember.

It’s okay, little girl.
You can come out now.
I’m here

All she remembers
is the belt that strapped against her skin.
She remembers the hand
that had no right to touch her
and when she cried . . .

. . . No one ever listened . . .

That little girl stayed in the closet
for longer than her childhood.
She hid because this was the only way
she knew to protect herself.
And for too long, she had no voice.
But not anymore.

Little girl,
you’re not so little now.
Fully grown
But —
You’ve held to this too long.
It’s time to come out now

It used to be that you had no voice.
What kind of friend would I be
if I didn’t lend her mine?

It’s okay little girl
You can come out now.

They’re all gone.
No one will ever hurt you again.
Not on my watch

So help me God


If you or someone you know is being abused or hurt in any way, please don’t hold this in. Please don’t suffer alone. There is help. Reach out now!
The one thing I hate is a bully. The other thing I hate more than anything is the theft of a kid’s childhood.

Wherever you are now, just know i’m right here for you


One thought on “For A Little Girl Gone

  1. Benny that is absolutely beautiful. Your words take my breath away and touch my heart. Thank you for this and being my dear friend
    Love you so much

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