Dropping The weight

Before we move forward, let’s be clear. We are doing more than losing weight. We are dropping habits and dropping our old routines. We are dropping our excuses and rationalizations and creating a new hope along with a new vision.

There are so many of us that sit bay and wait. We are waiting for something to happen. Maybe we are waiting for a sign. Maybe we’re waiting for things to line up perfectly. Maybe we’re waiting for that moment when we can make our move. No fear. No concerns. No doubts and above all, no regret. Just the right time and the right place. And then, Boom! It’s time to go.

There are so many of us that have dreams and ideas. We have passion. We have visions of us being somewhere, doing what we’ve always dreamed about, and living the life we have always wanted.

As I see it, there are people that live the life they have and there are people that live the life they choose.
There are people that talk and people that act. There are people that wish and dream and people that build and create.

In my life and as this relates to me; I have decided that waiting makes nothing happen. I learned that action makes things happen. Wishing and wanted only make the soul yearn for something I don’t have. In order for me to have anything then I would have to make this so.

There are times when we reach a moment of clarity. We come to a moment of awareness and we look around. We see where we are. Perhaps we wonder how we’ve become this way. Maybe we wonder how we let this be us. We wonder how we became this deep into a life we never really wanted and this far away from our lifetime hopes and aspirations.

I saw a picture of me once. Only, I didn’t recognize myself. I had to take a second look because at first, I asked myself, “Who the hell is that?”
I was fat . . .
I didn’t even recognize me. I was overweight. My face was pudgy. I realized this was me and then felt an instant rush of shame and disgust.

None of us should ever look in the mirror or see a picture of us and be disgusted by what we see. No one should ever look upon themselves and be regretful for their reflection.

There were signs along the way. I knew this. There were times when I realized my clothes did not fit me well. I realized my fatigue. I realized my laziness but my excuses allowed for a curve. I had reasons and rationalizations.
I also had the mindset that was distracted by depressive thinking. I was only rewarding myself.
I ate.
I ate the foods I enjoyed, which of course this is understandable; however, I ate to reward me. I ate to comfort me. I ate to placate the mind so that I could fill my belly, and sit down and be like, “Ahh that was good.”
I ate because I could. I ate because food is love, which is true.
Food is love.
This is absolutely true but when it comes to overeating or unhealthy eating, in my case, I ate to gratify myself because there was something causing me to believe I was loveless and wanting.

In my efforts to change, I had to learn to love and reward me in a different way. It is a struggle.
To change the way we live and the way we eat is difficult. This is no more of a struggle that it is to change the way we think and we believe. This is the same struggle as changing the way we react or respond.

Our habits and our life choices are chosen for a reason. Why we eat and why we drink is more than just to honor our bodily needs. We choose our habits to honor a need, feeling, or a want.

Food is social. Everything revolves around food. Go to a gathering and what do they serve? They serve food.
There are business lunches and business dinners.
When friends get together, where do they go?
They go for lunch. They go to dinner.
See that? More food.

In my case, which was difficult, I had to change my “Go to” meals. I had to change my food intake. I had to walk away from a source of comfort, which, in turn, left me uncomfortable.

In many cases, asking us to change our habits is the same as foreign as asking a lefty to use their right hand. I had to work for my weight loss. I had to suffer some and lose some. I had to feel the discomfort, which is fine because this gave my efforts meaning. I also had to find victories in my life change; otherwise, had I not seen any victory then I would have failed to see any promise.

I was fortunate to find my way quickly; however, I was only fortunate because I dedicated my time and my efforts very carefully.

I decided that if I wanted something then I had to work for this. I had to earn this. If I wanted my dreams then I would have to make my dreams happen. I learned that my aspirations are nothing without the work behind them to make them so.

Standing at the bottom of my climb, I looked up at the hole I had dug myself into. All I could see was the work I had ahead of me. All I could see was the distraction of my intimidation. I saw my excuses and my excused behavior, which, in order for me to climb from where I was; excuses were no longer acceptable.

Laziness was no longer acceptable to me. Complacency was no longer acceptable to me. No, for me to be what I want, I had to act. I had to move. I had to create change and above all, I had to make the commitment to make this so.

Else, I would only slide backwards and find myself in that hole again, disgusted with me and my reflection.

Two of the greatest words we can put together in a sentence and use to change our lives are Never Again.

I lost 60lbs. this way.
I noticed some of the weight coming back and felt the old rush of intimidation. But then I looked back at my record. I did once, which means I can do this again.
This is not to say that I regained all of my weight or went back to an unhealthy lifestyle. Not at all. This is me admitting to the warning signs that I would have ignored if I never learned how to care for myself.

Life will not and does not come easy. Therefore, it’s time to put in some work, folks. It’s time to empower myself to reach my goals.
I know if I can do it, you can too.

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