No Excuses

 There has to be a time when the excuses are no excuse at all. This is when accountability changes. This is when it becomes personal. The dedication changes. The mindset changes. More accurately, this is when we change.

There is a quote from a chapter which has been burned into my memory that says, “Half-measures availed us nothing.”
This statement applies to every aspect in our life. And it is true; half-measures avail us nothing.
The next line is, “We stood at the turning point,” and the rest takes on an approached based upon a belief structure; however, relative to this thought, I will omit the religion-based idea which follows and stick with the point at hand, which is there is no halfway button.

“Half measures availed us nothing. We stood at the turning point.”

At some point, we have to come to the understanding that change is not open to a negotiation of terms. If we want something, whatever the case may be, we have to follow along with the mechanics to do whatever it takes to make the change happen. We cannot renegotiate the terms as we go along to meet our needs. Se cannot negotiate the terms because we do not like the effort it takes to follow through with the plans.

Putting this to a simpler scale; pay your rent and you can stay. the landlord might be sympathetic to problems, but still, no rent and the landlord will only be sympathetic for so long.
Even easier is a car. There are certain mechanics that need to be made for the car to run. Opinion does not change the mechanics of a car. Either way, like it or not, no gas, no car. No maintenance, no car. These are just the simple rules of engagement.

Take the idea of weight loss. We focus on the desired results, which can and will be frustrating. There is no secret to weight loss by the way. We all “Know” what to do but for some reason, many try to dictate new terms because they might not like the choices they have.

It all comes down to this:
The end result matches the commitment we make.

I know people that are lost and find themselves deep within the bottle. And they drink and they drink and then they drink themselves into more problems. And then they stand to lose even more. And what do they do?
They drink!
In most cases, although the outcome is far from desired, the compulsion to drink overcomes their logic .
Deep in the problem, I have seen people facing jail time and divorce, and standing in the face of homelessness, literally about to lose everything, and yet somehow, they still believe they have the right to and/or the power to negotiate what they are “Willing” to do.

I have seen this in the jail system. I have seen this in corporate environments as well; whereas, even though a boundary was crossed or even with a crime has been committed, it is amazing to me that people still believe they have the right to dictate the consequences they are “Willing” to adhere to.

I watched a bully get what was coming to him. I watched him suffer and squirm for a while. There was no physical response but the bully (for some reason) believed he had the right to negotiate the terms of what happened next.

In any case, it was explained to the bully that, “No, you lost the choice of what happens next once you started to push people.”
This was the best part because the bully began to backpedal. He realized there was no way to retreat. He also realized his plan of attack was not well-planned at all and would result in a painful ending.
He was told, “You don’t get to choose what happens to you next.”
“I do,” said the man confronting the bully.
“Now sit down and shut your mouth!”
The bully did as he was told.

By the way, I’m not saying much else about this moment but I will say this was during the afternoon rush hour. People were pushing through the railroad doors to get their seat on the train.
Apparently, the bully in this case wanted to enter through the door before someone else, which obviously did not work in the bully’s favor. I am pretty sure the bully did not expect to push passed someone and be confronted. But he was wrong.

There are terms to every agreement. In order for us to meet our contract, which in this case is change; first and foremost, we must come to the clear awareness that there are no more negotiations. This is the line. Walk it and live it or suffer the consequences of losing the choice to adhere to our dreams.

We do not get to change the details of life simply because they do not meet our standards. At some point, whether we like this or not, we have to come to the understanding that in order to change completely; we cannot dictate or negotiate the terms of what happens next.
Unless we follow the mechanics of what needs to be done to create the change we need and unless our level of commitment meets the occasion; we run the risk of finding ourselves with nothing else but more of the same and giving in to the excuses that go like, “See? I just can’t do it.”

Half-measures availed us nothing, which means there is no halfway. This means we need to find our purpose.
This means we need to be clear about our determination. We have to be secure in the depth of our commitment because there is no halfway to success.
Living halfway is only the road to a complacent mediocrity, in other words, a lazy settlement that is just above disappointment level but still below the line of fulfillment.

Whatever steps we have to take; whatever needs to be done and whatever the terms are, —just do it.
Otherwise, be comfortable with disappointment. Otherwise, we find ourselves slipping back into the comfortable discomforts of more of the same and a life that is less than what we dreamed of.

I take this to heart because in my efforts to reach my next goal; I have to remember there are terms that are beyond my control. I have to understand that I cannot negotiate my way around these terms. And by no means will I get what I want if I only attack things halfway. 

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