Time For Motivation

The truth is everyone finds themselves at a point where they look around in disbelief. They see themselves at a downfall and they wonder where things went wrong.
No one gets away from life without a scratch or a bruise. Everyone falls. Everyone trips or slips and hits the ground.
Even winners lose sometimes. Believe it.
At one point or another, we have all seen or watched someone rise from their own ashes. We have seen people recover and overcome to push themselves to success.
The fact is people are truly an incredible species. However, we often find ourselves caught in our own doubts and denials, which keeps us from reaching our best possible life.

We are facing unreal times. At the moment, nothing is clear and nothing makes sense. We are trying to figure out what to do and where to start.
We all want to get back to a place of comfort.
But how?
At the center of our beliefs are the standards we have been taught. These are the lessons we have learned through emotion, experience, and bias.
These are the ways we have been taught throughout the years which may or may not have been accurate – either way, this is where we are.
This is us. Right here, right now.

All of us want to find a place in life where we feel comfortable. Everyone is trying to find their perfect fit.
Everyone is in search of their “Dare to be great,” situation and find themselves passing through the finish line of achievement.
Everyone has hope. Everyone has dreams. 
Everyone thinks and feels and everyone has a memory that maps out the recollections of their past. This is the map we use to create opinions and expectations. 

We are evolving more and more each day. As the days move on, we are moving further and further away from the past.
We are moving further away from the outdated theories and the antiquated thinking that has never been updated.

This is it.
This is the new life.

There has never been a time like this before. More accurately, there will never be a time like this again – at least, not in our lifetime.
There will never be a time like this because there will never be the same mind, the same body, or the same things as there are now.

There is a strong need to update our thinking.
There is a need to adapt and to overcome.
There is a need to find our way, to create a new path, and to unleash ourselves from our previous ideas.
Otherwise, how can we ever move on?

In order to create a new future and to make a new life, there needs to be detachment from the past.
This means updating our thinking. This means opening up to new lessons and new experiences. We have to cancel our prejudices that we used to subscribe to. The days of jumping to conclusions have to come to an end.
This means letting go of our old biases and allowing life to take on a new texture and a new feel.
But how?

There has to be a way to move forward. There has to be a way to stop the criticism of our critical inner voice.
There has to be a way to remove the old patterns of our thinking and step away from threatening ideas that limit our perspective.

There has to be a way to just breathe, to be free, and to rid us from the tension, to stop the intensity, and stop the thought machine from spinning out of control.
There has to be a way to stop the anxiety, which is only fear that has been amplified by an internal voice that refuses to go away.

There is an idea of getting away. There is a need sometimes, to step away from yourself. There is the undying need to get away or get out of your own skin because every nerve is tight and every idea leads to a downward spiral of absolute failure.
The thinking wont stop. The conversation in your head refuses to quit. More and more, we create different scenarios that do us a disservice and lead to our own injustice.

Be advised:
Never let anybody say that depression is not real. 
Never let anyone say this about anxiety either.
Heartbreak is real.
Disorders are real
Death is real.
Life is real.

And this is life.
This is not a drill.

Here we are at the crossroads of something new.
The question becomes, which way do we go?
Do we go straight ahead?
Do we turn left or go right?
Or do we keep doing what we’ve always done and base our life choices on old ideas that no longer appeal to our best interests?

When facing the new challenge in front of us, we have to see what stands in our way.
What are the excuses?
What is the intimidation?
What is the reason we stop and our minds go blank?

Is it the pressure?
Is it fear?
Is it the worry of rejection?
Is it the concern that we’ve worked so hard to get so close? 
Or is it that in the past, we’ve reached for something before, only to find this extended just beyond our grip.

There is a fear of performance. There is a fear to find out that although we had faith, we took a shot and we missed.
We tried and we failed. 
For some reason this has become a curse for people. For some reason the days of high-hopes have crashed because expectations lead to disappointments. 

Here we are now, at the dawn of a new beginning. The old ideas that lead to our excuses is only our imagination that conjured up phantoms.
None of this is real (unless we make it real).
The inner monologue that writes and creates the scenarios in our head are only real because we interact with them.

Anxiety is a living, breathing thing.
Don’t want it?
Then ask yourself how do you kill a living breathing thing.
Starve it.
Suffocate it.
By all means, do not feed it.
Replace harmful thoughts with helpful actions.
Grow. Do. Be. Build.
And by any means necessary, do not look back. Do not look down. Do not quit and above all, do not give in to imaginary phantoms that do not exist.

Find a sense of internal cooperation.
Avoid getting in your own way.
Avoid hate.
Allow yourself the chance to be who you choose and reach your dreams.

Get ready.
Get set.


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