Think It. Be It. Do It.

We somehow become consumers of our thoughts. We buy into our ideas and we own them for every cent they are worth.

We are who we think we are because of course, who else could we possibly be? We think about our life. We think about our past. We think about the presence of our day and the moment and the paths we hope to take. Essentially, our mind is always moving and always scanning for the best direction and mapping a course. Our emotions feed from this. In fact, our predictions feed from this, which means if we spend time on unhappy ideas then we tend to adopt the feelings that support them.

When we play out the scenarios in our head then we become them. If we play the movie in our minds then we become the role that we’ve scripted for ourselves.
We are who we think we are. It’s as simple as that.
James Allen once wrote. “As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.”

We buy into the ideas of who we are. We own them as if this is fact, which is fine, depending upon the content of our thinking. We own our thoughts as if this is us and often, we own the depressive ideas that this is life or this is all we could ever be. If we consume this then we become this.

I have three ideas for now:
Think it.
Be it.
Do it.
Disregard everything else. 

Of course who we are is all we’ll ever be. Of course this is true because who we are is us. Right? The truth is perception is not truth. The truth is life is a role. Only, this is no dress rehearsal. There is nothing wrong with honest assessment. There is nothing wrong with honest opinion. Keep in mind, there is certainly a difference between realism and skepticism when compared to pessimism and cynicism. There’s nothing wrong with deciding where to place our faith so long as we use our faith to our best possible advantage.

Think it.
Be it.
Do it.

Don’t believe it’s gonna work?
It doesn’t matter. Finish the race as if you were at the front of the pack and about to run through the tape at the finish line.
Don’t think you’re the candidate that will get the job?
Dress the part and perform as if the job is already yours.

In a few minutes the sun will be out. I will be in my car shortly afterwards and heading over the George Washington Bridge. The truth is I have no idea what awaits. I don’t know what I will encounter. I don’t know if there will be good news or bad and nor should this matter. All I know is whatever I do, I have to be sure that I show up and that I meet my best level of intensity.

The world is always moving. Life is moving the same as a chest of a breathing soul. When the world inhales, the chest rises and then it sinks as the world breathes out. Inhale, exhale; that’s life.

People move in and out like the tides of the sea. Opportunities arise but only for the moment before they vanish. There will be people we love and people we interact with. There will be people in our life that are less enjoyable and there will be those that look to compete. There will be those in our life that look to test our intensity and there will be moments when life tests our intensity. 

Think it.
Be it.
Do it.
Disregard everything else.

Took a shot and you missed?
Take another one and try again.
Keep going.
That’s right. Go to the old adage:
Get knocked down nine times and get up ten.
Try again . . .
And what’s that you say?
Took another chance and it didn’t work?
Take a breath. Take a minute.
Take whatever it takes but just don’t be too shy to take a chance again.

We are consumers of our ideas and our thoughts. We consume this like fuel to feed our wants and our hopes. This fuels our desire. This is our passion and our dreams, which combine to create our purpose. Make no mistake about this. This is what gives us the ability to get back up when we fall down. This is what allows us the ability to move on even if we think we can’t. Fuel is only energy. This means in order to be successful, fuel needs work and direction. We have to be mindful of this.

An old colleague of mine used to tell me I had a way of thinking too far ahead of myself. He used to tell me my fork was running away with the spoon. He used to say this, which I assume the reason is because I would be excited about the plans we shared. All of which inevitably fell through. At the time, I remember having an apologetic idea about this. I was sorry for my enthusiasm. I am on my own now. I am unapologetic and have nothing to be sorry for.

I am looking to create my future. I will do this for the rest of my life. This means I will always look to create my future because there will always be a future so long as I have breath in my lungs and blood in my veins. 

There are ideas that we consume that hold us back, There are thoughts that we buy into which keep us from our greatness. There are self-deprecating thoughts which lead to behaviors that do us the injustice. These ideas lead our thoughts to the beliefs that we are somehow limited. This is what I call the deception of our perception.

I am sure there are limits. I am sure that there are things I will not be able to do. And this is fine because no, I don’t think at this point in my life that I will be the first tattooed minister in space. I’m pretty sure the NBA isn’t looking for me and I am somewhat doubtful about my singing career (although, in fairness to myself, I do think I sound pretty good when I’m in the shower).

I understand that not all things are equal and not all of us are made alike. Then again, I am not looking to be like anyone else. I’m not looking for the gold star. I’m not looking to bring my report card home anymore. No, I’m looking to think it, be it and do it.

We are all born with individual talent. No one among us is ever talentless. If I am to be a consumer of anything then let me consume this:
Think it. Be it. Do it. And disregard everything else. 

If I am to be a consumer of my ideas and my thinking then let me surround myself with the influences that point me in the right direction. I was sent an email from an old friend about the ideas of luck. He said how he believes in the old saying, “Hang out with four losers and become the fifth. Hang out with four millionaires, and be the fifth.”

Although I could use a million bucks right now, the truth is it’s not the millions I’m looking for. I don’t wake up at 4:00 in the morning for the money. I’m not sitting in front of you now to be rich. I’m not here to take a tally and see who is on my side or who is against me. No, I show up every morning because this is the blood in my veins and this is the breath in my lungs. This is my intensity. This is me working to build, create, do and achieve. 

If I am to be a consumer of anything then let me consume this:
Think it.
Be it.
Do it.
And disregard everything else.
This is the strongest way to reach our best potential.

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