Friday Morning Mission Statement

Today is the day for change.
Going forward, I refuse to accept and succumb to either mass opinion or the published editions that post with the intention to divide and conquer our society.

Going forward, I will not allow my opinion to either be swayed or persuaded by the arguments of those who in their own efforts, look to further their agenda and speak loudest as a means to silence the whispers of a more obvious truth.

From this day onward, I will not surrender my beliefs; nor will I allow my beliefs to be taken from me to satisfy or pacify an argument. I will not surrender my position simply because my position is not the same as the common thought.

I will not allow my silence to be misunderstood as compliance. I will not give in nor will I allow guilt of any kind to remove me from my position as it stands. Same as anyone else has the right to their beliefs; I have the right to my own, and as such, I will celebrate my rights to the fullest extent of my ability.

I will not cast my pearls before swine nor will I share what is sacred with dogs. Going forward, I will understand my worth as it relates to me instead of what is valued by someone else. In doing so, I firmly acknowledge one of the hardest things to do in life is unlearning the lies we are taught as truth. Furthermore, I will no longer subscribe, nor will I be part of the lies I once wholeheartedly believed without question because put simply, at one point, I lacked the bravery to asked questions.

However, now and in future, I will not allow insecurity to silence or take away from my ability to inquire. I will question everything in order to gain a more educated and accurate view. I will not mimic or parrot views simply to fit or be “Part of” a crowd.

Education is key, and I will not now, nor will I ever allow anyone to deny me the keys which will one day allow me access to my kingdom.

Rather than follow; I will lead.
Even if I find myself alone, I will no longer walk behind empty footsteps because I fear my difference, but instead; I will follow in my own direction. Going forward. I will not place my faith elsewhere.

I will place my faith where it belongs most.
I will believe in myself first before believing in anyone else.
I will learn that above all; my faith is value and without faith in one’s self, man is truly valueless.

Knowingly, I will not allow anyone to steal my smile or take away my dreams. And as a man equipped with both qualities to smile and dream; I am dedicated to my defense in the fact that the day someone steals either my smile or my dream is the same day someone has stolen me. Hence, this is the reason why I refuse to comply simply for the sake of compliance. From this day onward, I solemnly swear that as the square root of my own equation, I will not allow anyone to uproot me from my own soil.

I will not allow anyone to poison me or attempt to manipulate me from my position. I will stand fast and stand strong and in the face of adversity, I will overcome with all my heart, all my soul and all of the abilities my body shares.

Going forward, I will remain exactly as I am without apology or explanation. And whether I am loved or resented; I will not allow anyone to take away my place in the circle. This is my mission. Anything else would only be a replica. And life is too short to live like a replica.

This is my mission, from this day forward.

So help me God.

2 thoughts on “Friday Morning Mission Statement

  1. I read a lovely thing yesterday on staying open to questioning in life and keeping an attitude of inquiry… We know what we know but others we don;t know what we don’t know. Developing such a solid sense of self takes time., its so important too as when we doubt our own truth we can be so easily swayed and this is one of the most pernicious aspects of having been invalidated or gaslighted in childhood.

  2. Powerful words of affirmation. The Social Media World has come off it’s hinges. So much fragmentation, so much dis-and mis-information. I’ve stopped reading, the world has gone bat-shit-crazy.

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