Be Your Own Hero

There are times when we find ourselves too deep in our thoughts. Our ability to overcomplicate and overthink the easy things is amazing to me. We wonder and we worry. We wait in expectation and predict futures. I swear this is true.

I swear we have a way of being our own worst enemy. We are toughest on ourselves. We are overly critical. And sometimes, we forget one unavoidable fact, which is beating us up or punishing ourselves is far from productive. And with that being said, still, I get it.

There are times after the downfall when the heart is crushed and the ego is more than just bruised. There are times when the outcomes collapse upon us and break our spirit. And furthermore, everyone knows what it feels like to have a broken heart and a broken spirit.

I can remember a downfall of mine, which was not too far back. I made a mistake in my boundaries, which resulted in a terrible falling out. Nevertheless, I was humbled.
I learned that my intention will not always be matched by an accurate interpretation. I learned that yes, I am human, which means I am capable of mistakes and saying the wrong things.

I also learned that in the case of some of my toughest downfalls, the air can be cold and the surroundings can be lonely. Everyone loves to be around when success is good but our downfalls are lonely, which means there’s no one around when the party is over. This has, above all, taught me one extremely important fact. If no one else, I have to be my own best friend. I have the right to be my own superhero, in which case, I have the right to talk myself up instead of putting myself down.

It’s true, we can be our own worst enemy. Therefore, if this is true then it is also true that we can be our own best support.

There are times when life hits us. And by the way, this is not an avoidable thing. Life hits everyone. Fear happens to us all and so does pain but we can recover, if we choose to. We can get back up. We can start over again. We can adapt and improve. We can learn and we can succeed. All of this is allowed if we allow ourselves to do this.

Rather than overthink, I write. Rather than give into the self-deprecating narrative in my head, I replace thought with action.
Rather than focus on my mistakes, I look for my opportunities to improve — and even if there is an outside source that looks to punish me; no one can ever take away my right to improve myself.

This does not mean my apologies will be accepted. This does not mean that things will not be irreparable. This does not erase the past; however, this does not mean my past has the right to predict my future. All this means is I have the right to improve and take care of myself. This means no one has the right to defeat me or keep me down unless I allow them to.

So —
Do not be afraid.
Life hurts. I get it.
I know it is dark for now, but the sun will come up soon.
It will be a new day in a few minutes.
You and I will have plenty of time to do our thing.
Trust me on this one.

I just ask for one promise.
Do not hold back. Do not give up.
And do not give in to your intimidations.

They are just a distraction. They are not real.
They’re just smoke and mirrors.

You see?

Soon enough, the sun will come up.
You, me, we can go on and do our thing.
Whatever this might be or whatever we choose to take on, this day belongs to us.
No one else has the right to claim this or take it away.
We own this life. And remember that yesterday is gone.
We don’t live there anymore.

Only thing I ask is that we finish what we start.
No matter what.

No matter if today drags on too slow, or dig it, even if this hurts, even if we think we won’t make it (which, we will,) at the end of the day when we come home and look in the mirror before we go to sleep, by any means necessary, we have to see ourselves and come to a constructive conclusion.

We have to do this. . .
Each and every day
It’s a top priority.
This way we can rest our head with no regrets.
This way we can wake up tomorrow one step better than we are today.

This is called improvement, just in case you were wondering.
No one can stop us from doing this.

Also, those dreams you have and those ideas you’ve been holding, — I think it’s time we give them legs; to let them run, to dare, to do, and give it a shot.

This way, you and me can pull off our trick.
This way we can look back

and smile —

2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Hero

  1. I am going through something really tough right now and each morning I have to imagine my kind self embracing my hurting self who really feels she has stuffed up.. I used to barrage myself with the most horrendous criticism.. learning to be a kind person to myself is taking time but I really appreciate this post.. When we fall down, my experience is there IS NO ONE THERE BUT OURSELVES we can then be vulnerable to false help in terms of being scammed so its so important not to look to others, it might sound harsh but I am learning if I don’t become my own best friend my life is pretty much, stuffed, basically.

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