It’s Just A Little Thing Called Kindness

Know this:
Know that words have meaning.
Know that even the simplest terms can have the most powerful and profound effect on someone’s life. Everything we say has impact.
Everything we do has impact. Everything in life moves in an inevitable, eventual and unavoidable way.
Imagine a lake.
Imagine the quiet. Think about the surroundings. Think about the emptiness. Think about the toss of a rock in the middle of still waters. Think about the plunge and the ripple effect; whether the rock is big or small, there is always an effect. This is the same as the words we share.

Even the most common words or the simplest ones like “Hello” can change a person’s day (believe me).
Know that words like “Thank you,” can allow a person the victory of being appreciated.
Know that this creates the ripple effect. This allows the type of honor that can give someone the right to be appreciated. Know that there is more than one victory here.

First is the acknowledgement of kindness.
The first victory acknowledges our ability to understand the exchange of simple human pleasantry.
The second victory is the satisfaction that comes with the right to say, “You’re welcome,” and complete the circle of mutual kindness. 

The words, “Thank you,” do more than acknowledge an action. This validates that we did something meaningful together, and albeit briefly, this in and of itself is a victory.
No matter how simple the cycle might be, there is an effect. There is a ripple.

Know that an outstretched hand is one of the kindest forms of charity. In this kind of reach, two hands clasp and the grip becomes a strong enough bond so that one person can pull up another.
Know that at a time when someone feels irredeemable or to someone who feels unworthy, or say, to someone that believes they’ve been forgotten or left behind; the hand that pulls them to their feet is like a delivery from God, Himself (believe me).

There are two victories in this.
First is the victory of being saved from our own self.
Second is the ability to repay the kindness that was once shown, and once again, humanity is redeemed in a perfect circle.

To pay this forward-
To express kindness-
To wake-
To sleep-
To eat and breathe-
To live with the satisfaction that yes, we do have the ability to improve the world.
(If only we tried to)

Know this:
There will always be good and bad.
There will always be life and death.
There will always be light and there will always be darkness.

What you do in these moments, even in the smallest scale or in the most seemingly insignificant times will always have an effect on the world around us.

No matter how big the rock is, how hard or how far we toss it into a quiet lake, there will always be the plunge and the ripple. This is us too. This is how we impact each other. This is how we can benefit each other or if not, this will be how we tear each other apart.

We are a series of mathematics.
We are the perfect sum of equations. We are always adding, but sometimes subtracting. We are often divided and always multiplied by the factors of this thing we call life. The world is an imperfect place. And oftentimes, so is our math.

Know this:

Every step we have taken has brought us to now.
Each turn or decision to remove us can subtract us from places where we don’t want to be. We can add at any time we choose. We can subtract ourselves. It seems apparent to us all that we can easily be divided. Or, if we choose to, we can learn to be impactful and multiply the simplest concept and be kind to one another.

Know that the multiple of our decisions, or the divisions of our crowds have led us here together. Know that a simple acknowledgement of someone can literally be lifesaving. Even if only for a moment, we have all saved a life at least once in our lifetime. And we do this without trying.
Imagine what could happen if we chose to be conscious of this.

Know that what we say to each other resonates and leads down the pathways to our heart and soul. Words, like hate, are effective too. I admit this. I admit to my contribution. I admit to the mud this stirs in the lakes that were once clear. Words can shake the ground and change the direction of someone’s day. Hate can do this the same as love. Our ability to hate is equal to our ability to love. If only tolerance were to prevail and understanding could overcome, perhaps we could allow our differences to simply be differences. Maybe then we could stop pointing fingers at each other and find unity.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Everything we say links to a meaning. Everything we say ripples the world, no matter how big or small we think we are, the truth is we have an effect on each other.
Some words were created to build and some were invented to destroy.
Everything we say has meaning.
I think sometimes, we take silence for granted.
Sometimes we assume the unsaid. But here I am now.
I’m here with you so here’s my chance because I don’t want to leave anything unsaid.

I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. If I can, I want my words to be like the time I used to skip rocks across a quiet pond. Maybe this way the ripples will interact and meet someone that needs them.

Maybe this will reach you.
God, I hope so.

It’s just a little thing called kindness.
Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.

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