Operation Freedom

What is a victory? What does it mean to win, to triumph, to overcome or rise above? Or wait, no. I have something better in mind. What does it mean to be at a level of awareness in which we have achieved a sense of both understanding and achievement without the contradictions of a win or lose mentality?
At this point, we can realize there is no opponent. There is nothing against us but our needless contraptions of thought, which are only imaginary. Besides, even if our imagination was real and something or someone was against us: So?
What would it look like to see life without the complications of adversaries? There is no more win or lose. There are no more rejection-based systems that hold us to the fires of judgement. The internal committee adjourns and the internal conflicts come to an end. There are none of the old diatribes or inner-criticisms. There is only internal and personal freedom.

Imagine life without victimization. Imagine the complications of personal politics and the identities of social status were no longer a subject of importance. Opposing ideas or opinions were no longer a threat. You could think your way. They could think theirs and I could think mine. All thoughts, ideas and opinions could be different at the same time and yet, no wars nor crimes were committed against anyone, simply because we do not agree.
There would be no more interpersonal fears, no more worries, and no more distractions led by insecurity. There would be no more need to sell or commercialize ourselves; to self promote, or to bargain our worth, or subject ourselves to bidding to be “Bought” per se, or better yet “Accepted.”

Perhaps some would call this inner-peace. Or maybe someone would call this a sense of personal serenity. Maybe this is what it really means to be free.
Nothing and no one to hold you back; no more constant streams of overthinking, no more self talk to put you down, and lastly, the internal enemies would rest and find peace within themselves.

There is an idea that was introduced to me as God Head. There was an idea, which was taught to me about the finding of oneness. There is the idea to create a sense of personal dignity, in which there would be no more personal hells or mental dungeons to trap our spirit.
I admit, the idea was foreign to me. I admit that I understood entrapment. I understood the ideas of personal hells and mental dungeons. I also admit to wishing I could be free. However, I never knew what freedom looked like. Therefore, I had to define it.
I had to imagine a place where the past would be relieved of its duties. The faults and flaws, regrets, shame and guilt based concepts would retire. Both the mental and emotional war rooms would sign off on a treaty to remain at peace. And such would be my life from this day onward.
This would mean our resentments would retire. This would mean I would no longer be leashed to the mistakes of my past. We would be free from the bondage of ourselves; free from the deception of our perception, free from the remnants and the reminders of our regrets, free from the invisible strings that weave us to the mindset, which is only tied to our inaccurate interpretations.

Imagine a place of freedom, so wide and vast. Imagine a fresh breath of air. Imagine the weight, which has been removed. Imagine breathing freely without the impending fears of impending doom.
Imagine what it would mean to be free from guilt. Imagine if we could look our regret in the eyes and no longer feel regretful. 

This is freedom.

In fairness. I think we are all looking to be free. Everyone searches for their sense of oneness. However, something most of us fail to realize is that oneness has nothing to do with anyone or anything else.
Oneness is to be at one; to be accordance with self, to be at peace with who I am (or who you are) and comfortably in accordance with all. This is to see life’s happenings as inevitable and unavoidable. This means we no longer see tragedy as intentional or wait no. Even better to be this way, means we have reached a level of awareness in which people, places or things are only people places and things. Nothing is personal. So, therefore, we no longer take everything personal. 

To no longer be attached or “Addicted” to the passions of good or bad, right or wrong, is not to rob of the common joys. Instead, this means we are no longer connected to the disappointments that come with life. Therefore, rather than dissecting life and inspecting everything, we enjoy life as it is.
Rather than worry about the direction of the wind or predict the rains that may come, instead, we enjoy the moments without forfeiting the best days of our lives by worrying about when the goodness will end.

Imagine to be unhinged, disconnected, and free; to achieve such a personal level of understanding that trivialness is simply unnecessary. 
The anxiety machine is permanently unplugged. The lungs would fill and fall like the waves along the shoreline.
I picture this.
Eyes closed, Breathing.
Inhaling, I breathe in with the freshness of a new idea and find myself replenished. I exhale with the old and unwanted sentiments. I view this like sediments in the sands, and yes; same as the shoreline, I am cleansed.
I have my eyes closed when I think of this.
I envision myself at a place of freedom. I find myself here, syphoning out the impurities of doubt and judgement and purifying myself with the replenishment of a new promise.

I am a work in progress. In fact, we all are.
Progress is not the same as perfect but upon reaching a level of awareness and upon achieving oneness and true self; we learn truth, which is I am perfectly me. You are perfectly you and life has nothing to do with perfection itself because perfection is a reflection of unfair judgement.
Now, that’s peace. And this is what it means to be free.

Put down the bat, son.
You’ve beaten yourself up for way too long.

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