Wednesday Morning’s Charge: Sound the Horn, Kid!

Do you know when it hits?
It hits the moment you cross the finish line. The feeling hits you when everything comes to fruition. No matter if it’s first place or last, you did more than anyone ever said you could. You defied the odds. You stood tall when everyone else predicted you’d fall. That’s something.

There is fuel here. There is redemption and a sense of personal resurrection. There is the machine in you, which although there were times when nothing seemed fit, still, you never quit. You never gave in. You had doubts. You felt pain. You wanted to give in and give up. You wanted to give way, but no. Deep down, there was something like a furnace inside of you. Even when life was dark, there was still a glimpse of light.

There are people that love to distract us. Then again, there’s always a distraction, — especially if we’re looking for one. There’s always an excuse. There’s always a reason to back down or sit quietly while the rest of the world goes on. The world can go on in a rage and unless we’re fit to move forward, all we’ll do is watch. There is always life on life’s terms. There is always someone looking to break people down and there will always be the crabs in the bucket theory. There’s always going to be someone that looks to point out your flaws and the cracks in your story. They’ll do this like it was their job. They’ll do this to criticize — not to make you better or help you improve. Instead, they’ll do this to keep you weak. They’ll do this to discourage you because somehow, this makes them stronger. More than anything, there are people who do this to steal our spirit. This is to take away our drive, our purpose and our passion and keep us meek.

But Understand something:
There is no life if there is no zest for life. There is no hope if there is no fuel to feed our hopefulness. Instead, there is only time and space between us and our dreams. There is nothing between us but air; therefore, there is nothing preventing us from moving in any direction we choose. No walls, no steal, no cage can stop us from our best version of self. Nothing can stop us from this, except for excuses, of course. Excuses and procrastination can stop us from everything.

Understand something:
Real life sparks from an idea. There is something deep within us, one and all. Understand that our hopes and dreams come from our visions. And at no point do hopes or dreams come from doubt. No, this comes from deep within. Therefore, we need to see this. We need to visualize and detail this as best as we can. We have to do this because unfortunately, life and life’s terms can be blinding. It’s easy to lose our place. It’s easy to lose focus. It’s easy to give into the ideas of blame, shame, fault and guilt. Rejection is an easy guest to find. It’s even easier to become preoccupied with people, places and things. Furthermore, adding even more color; it is easy to lose our way through the trenches of social politics. But again, these are only distractions. None of this can stop us.

Do you know when it hits? And what do I mean when I say “It?” I mean the drive. I mean the spirit. I mean the idea that comes when we’ve sweat and bled and finally, something comes through. The feeling hits you when you come to a moment of realization. This is when you know that you are actually living the dream. This hits you when you come to the realization that through it all; you made it this far. You realize that something that started out as an idea, something that wasn’t even a seed and yet to be planted; something went from this and come to fruition. Now, here it is, right in front of you.

This is what I mean when I say, “It.” This hits when you find out that you’re bigger than you believed. You are stronger than you thought and you endured more than you ever imagined. 

True success comes when we realize that we have defied our own doubts. We have defied all the distractions. We turned each and every problem or obstacle into possibility and opportunity. 
We didn’t stop.
Once we see this, we realize two things. First, we realize we can do this. And secondly, we realize that we always could. It was only us that held us back.

I say this to you the same as I say this to myself:
No one has the right to keep us from improving. No one has the right to stop us from advancing and adjusting our platform. This is so that when we hit the ground, we can hit the ground running. 

There is nothing as unstoppable as the human spirit. Not when the furnace is lit. Not when the drive and the desire is there. There is nothing so strong as a person with a purpose. There is nothing as unstoppable as a dream come true.

Do you know when this hits you?
It hits the moment you decide to create this. It hits after the contemplation stage is tired of waiting and the soul cannot sit still anymore. This is our drive. This our glory and the fuel that feeds us when we feel weak. This is what helps us put both feet on the floor in the morning — and no matter how much of a beating yesterday was, this is the determination to defy that beating. This is the motivation to keep going, again and again, a thousand times until ah, we made it. This is the spirit that pushes us and one day, in whichever form this might be, you cross the finish line. You look around and you say to yourself, “I did it!”

That’s when it hits.
That’s when the victory sets in. And I get it, we need a little bit of this right now. You’re right. We do. We need a little bit of this every day,

But think about it.
We’re still here, right?

This means now’s a good time to start. Now’s a good time to set our dedication because it’s true; no one is going to do this for us. No one is going to give us our dreams. No one will satisfy our hopes, but us. This is our job. This is our race, which means now is the time. This means, keep training. Keep working. Keep looking for the open door. Look for the lane, find a hole and burst through as if no one can stop you. Otherwise, consider the alternative.

The one thing I learned is that misery is always there waiting. Misery is like a money back guarantee. But me, I’d rather something better. I’d rather see my hopes and my dreams. I’d rather make a run for it than sit down and complain that I never had a shot. Besides, that’s just bullshit.

Good morning, Wednesday.
I’ve been waiting for you.

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