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This thought is written to provide a guided meditation. The script is to be read and then mastered by yourself. But first, you have to see it . . .
It’s daybreak and the sun is a bright orange yolk about to break the horizon. It’s a new day now. Everything that has come before is gone and washed away.
Are you ready? 

Imagine yourself outside on an empty country road. You are neither cold nor warm. The colors of dawn take the sky and it’s perfect.

You face east while standing on a road. There is nothing on either side of the road, except for empty fields of tall grass. Your view is clear. The road has a single yellow line that runs down the middle. There are white lines along the side, which run up and down.

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Picture this: 

You find yourself, stepping towards the sunrise. You can feel the wind against your face, which is absolutely perfect. The breeze you feel is enough to let you know that you’re really alive. And there’s nothing that can stop you.
Each step you take is made with a purpose.
Each step has intention. This is made with determination.
Behind you is the past. Ahead of you is the future.
Ahead are your goals and your plans and the strategy to pull them together. 

You have decided to take nothing else with you, except your thoughts and your ideas. You have your hopes and your desires. You have your aspirations, your inspirations, and of course, you have your best possible intentions.
This is how you will design your future.
This is why the road is empty.
This is why the fields on either side of the road are clear. This is to symbolize and signify the cleared mind.

There are no distractions here. There is no worry. There are no fears. There are only the steps towards the upcoming sunrise. There is nothing else but the new day ahead. Yesterday is gone; you don’t live there anymore and all that was part of your unwanted yesterdays is gone and wiped away.

There is no irrational emotion here. There is only vision. There are only pans, tactics and methods here to keep your goals intact. There is only what you have decided to take with you.
There are no distractions. There is nothing but the road ahead of you.
Empty and perfect. Long and welcoming. 

See yourself here. The world is on your side.
There are no restrictions.

Each step you take brings you closer to your life and takes you farther away from yesterday.
Each step brings you closer to an answer.
Each step is made with determination and every step is one that brings you closer to success. 

There are no arguments here. There are no complications.
There are no more imposters or ideas that take you away from yourself.
You have reset your mind to a new and straight path that resembles the road ahead. 

See this. 
Picture this as clearly as possible. There are no distractions or interruptions. There are no intimidations and there is nothing around to impose or insult your path.
There is only you and the open road. Each step you take brings on a feeling of freedom.
You are free from all of your own restraints.
You are free from your past. You are free from the burden of doubt.
You are free from guilt and the bondage of “Self.”

And breathe . . .
Breathe in deeply and feel the air rushing through the passages in your nose.
Feel the air as it fills your lungs.
Now, exhale. The air goes in and out, cleansing your system with a fresh dose of oxygen. Each breath you take boosts your system and oxygenates your bloodstream.
Each breath takes on a sense of hope and revitalization.
Each step you take overruns any presence of doubt or fear.
Each step builds a promise and makes a bond between you and the open road.

This is you, walking away from all the angst.
This is you taking a step away from every regret and every moment of shame or despair.
Every breath you take fills your lungs with inspiration and every exhale removes the unwanted distractions that used to keep you back. 

The sun is moving up now.
The horizon is like a palm from the hand of an almighty sky.
The day is about to get brighter.
The unending road is a symbol of your dedication, which is why the view is picture-perfect and flawless.

Each step you take is made to acknowledge this.
Each step you take is cushioned by the membrane of the road.
This trip belongs to you.
The road accepts you.
The sky welcomes you and your dreams await you. 

Let everything go.
Imagine the sound of your footsteps.
Think about the sound of your breathing, which moves in an out, to cycle your breath and cleanse your system. 
Think of this description.
Think about the welcoming emptiness of an open road.

This is your future.
These are your hopes and dreams.
This is your love.
This is your spirit and your dedication.

Think about the vision you see up ahead.
The new sun is rising.
This is your purpose.
This is the reason why you exist.

Ahead of you is the symbol of everything you want.
Behind you are the unwanted remnants of the past.
Ahead of you is the spirit of your future.
Every step you take brings you one step closer.

This is your new life.
This is what you’ve always wanted.

To find yourself
To align your goals with your hopes
To turn your ideas into realities
To have your life be the one that you’ve always wanted.

It’s all there
Ahead of you

Waiting . . . .

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