Sunday Morning Motivation: A Vision Statement

There are words like “if” or “when.” I hear them spoken in ways like “When” or
“If only”
If this is something that you can understand or if “when” has become the determining factor of what you do; or if the word “if” and “when” determine how you’ll succeed; or, if you believe that this is the best you can be (but you want more) or “if” there is something holding you back like a mindset or a belief – or “if” you’ve become limited by an opinion; or, if you think the world just doesn’t work out like it’s supposed to – and there you are, alone in your thoughts. Or, “if” you seem alone in your life and no one really gets it. Or, what about your moods?

Do you ever notice how moods can range from high to low?
Moods . . .
They swing like a crazy pendulum, back and forth and I use the word crazy because there is a lie that takes place here. As “if” we’re crazy.
There is an assumption that separates us from our best potential. There is a series of belief systems and subconscious programs that have mapped a pattern of thinking and this is what really limits us from being our best. 

I hereby reject the motto of “if” or “when”
The word “IF” means – in the case of or granting, whether, or even though, or “IF” could mean a supposition of an uncertain or unexpected possibility.
“IF” can be a condition or requirement as in; if this, then that.
Or, what will I do “IF” this happens?

If . . .
And then there’s “WHEN.”
When can mean what time? Or, how long or how soon?
When can mean what has to happen first?
What has to take place? What needs to happen first? What time?
When can mean “How much do I have to take before I act or respond.”

WHEN . . .

I think about the creators of our world. I think about the engineers and the builders. I think about the innovators of our time. I wonder if they worked and organized their life on the basis of “if” or “when?” I would assume not. I would assume that rather than witness change, they created change. Otherwise, none of them would’ve made our history books.
None of them would’ve ever taken a chance or scripted their own life because “if” they lived according to the ideas of “when;” they’d still be waiting for something to happen for them

I would like to offer you something.
This is a vision statement. While my attempt is to offer this both understandably and culturally cohesive, I will ask you to apply this vision to your world and your life. Read through this and allow your mind the freedom to build exactly what you see.

First, I want you to breathe. Relax and detach yourself from everything around you. Let go of the sounds that might intrude. You might hear something or something might stop or interrupt this project – but that’s okay. You can return to this vision anytime and as often as you like.
Allow yourself to separate from everything that is going on around you – and for the moment, let yourself shut down all of your social transmitters. Imagine a field of cell towers, like tall antennas, and imagine that all of them are suddenly and systematically shut off.
Allow your thoughts to move in a different direction.

Breathe slowly, in and out.
In through your nose and out through your mouth.
Breathe this way and allow yourself to relax.
Let the outside distractions release you.
Nothing else is important for now and for the moment, give yourself permission to breathe in and out until you relax.

I want you to see yourself. It is morning: You wake up in a bed at a place which is exactly where you want to be. Think about the way your eyes open as you wake up. Imagine the room around you.
You can include whomever you choose to see or you can exclude everyone and see yourself alone.

Envision yourself about to get up; you turn your body from beneath the covers and sheets. You are ready to stand up, get up, and most of all, you are ready to go and start your day.
Envision yourself now in a place that empowers you. This is your new home. This has been created, designed and decorated by you. 

The sunlight is trickling in through the windows as shafts of light brighten the room. You find yourself moving through your house, getting ready, dressing yourself and feeding yourself. 

You gather your things and place the strap of a bag over your shoulder. Inside this bag are your belongings, like books, papers, a bottle of water, something to eat for later, like a snack or two.
You are about to leave your home. Nothing is pressing. There is no worry or stress. There is no connection to doubt or fear. Everything is as it should be. Perfect.
Your day is ahead of you and your plans are all set. 
Before you leave your house, you take your keys with you. Your home will be waiting to welcome you back at the end of your day. There is no stress or worry. For now, you are on our way to achieve your dreams.
And this excites you.
You have plans. You are motivated. There is no fear or worry or concern. Everything is set and your projects are all waiting. Nothing is stopping you from reaching your best potential today. 
Nothing is in your way.
Everything is perfect because you have created this perfection.

You open the door to greet the morning. You’re outside now . . .
The sky is picture perfect. You walk out and find yourself touched by the wind. You feel a breeze come across your face and the warmth of the sun graces your skin.
You can smell the sweetness in the air. And it’s enough to remind you of a pleasant time from when you were a child. This is perfect because as you prepare for your day; you feel that same childlike exuberance – ready to try, ready to play, and ready to do, face the day, and ready to meet your tasks. 

Whomever you meet will be a benefit to you. Nothing is wrong anymore. There is only life ahead of you; all that is gone is gone. All that is past is past.
All we have now is our future.

See the world outside of your home. Picture the streets. Think about this.
Detail the streets the way you want your surroundings to look. There is no “if” or “when” there is only the mindfulness of “NOW.”

See this.
Breathe in deeply through your nose; as if your breathing will improve your concentration and enhance your vision. As you exhale, allow your breath to leave from your mouth. Do this both slowly and calmly. Keep breathing this way.
Keep your vision strong. 

There are no interruptions. There are no distractions.
There is only a feeling of satisfaction.

I want you to see yourself on your way to a beautiful building. Your drive here is perfect. There are no hitches or problems on the road. There is only a calming moment between point A and point B, which is enough to prepare you. As you arrive, you adjust your mindset for your entry. 

You notice the world around you. You notice other people. You see other cars. You see other people moving around or transporting themselves in whichever direction they need to go. 

You enter the lobby of a beautiful building. You can feel the comfortable cool air inside the building and as you walk through the lobby and make your way towards the elevator, you can feel a sense of proud dedication. You are satisfied because all of what you’re experiencing was created, built and mastered by you. 

You press the button in the elevator, which will take you to the top floor. As the elevator doors open, you find yourself in a white room. The entire floor is all yours. The walls are perfectly white. The ceiling is perfectly white and the floor is also white and perfectly unblemished. 

As you walk in, you find yourself looking around in total appreciation. You are smiling. You are ready for this because you have been preparing for this your entire life.
Everything that becomes from this moment will become because you created this vision. Everything that happens to you from this point onward will happen because you chose to see this vision and make it so.

This is all yours.
You look around. Then you relieve the bag from your shoulder and place it on the ground. As you move throughout the space, you notice the windows, which allow for the sunlight.
And as you move around, you notice a gallon of red paint. The can is opened and sitting on a drop cloth which is against the southeast wall. There is a ladder that is opened and standing. There is a paint brush that is still clean an unused. Everything up until this point is unmarked. However, this is a moment in which it’s your turn to make your mark.
This is the day you choose to make a mark on the world.

You reach down.
You grab the paint brush to dip in the paint.
You stroke the paint brush on the wall and paint the date, which is today.
Right now.

This is the day when everything begins. There are no more if’s. There is no more dependency on “when” or in the “case of.” There is no more depending upon circumstances, conditions or requirements. This is the day when “When” becomes “NOW.”

Allow yourself to see this; allow yourself to see the date. See the wall. See the room. See this empty space as a room that you will build in and create as you choose to see fit.
This empty portion is about to be filled with all of your dreams and hopes. This will be your office where you change your life, improve, and create the happiness that you’ve always wanted.

This is yours. There are no more fears. There are no more intimidations.
There are no more worries or excuses.
Any obstacle has been turned into an opportunity.
Any problem has been rearranged to a possibility to improve and overcome.
There is no more “if’ or “when.”
There is only “NOW.”

Breathe in deeply. Let your breath cleanse the palate. Let your exhale remove all of the unwanted imperfections. Close your eyes and see this.
Each time you breathe in through your nose, you cleanse yourself.
Each time you exhale from your mouth, you remove all the undesired sediments.
You let go of the unwanted debris of our old settings and unwanted life. 

Make this picture real.
Breathe it. Inhale it
Exhale your doubt and insecurities.

Now breathe in again – open your eyes.
Good . . .
Now go out and make this so. 

No fear. No emotion.
Just goals, plan and strategy.

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