Prose From the Soul – A Quick Edit for the Heart

We have to adjust our view.
Know what I mean?
Someone told me about a program they run.
They told me a line they teach
which I might be paraphrasing a little
Or maybe I’m right on – but either way,
They said the mind goes where the energy flows

I get that.

I get the fact that I see what I see.
You see what you see too
and, together, we can run the risk
of missing the big picture or
we can see what we see and stay blind
to the truth or to anything else for that matter.

I say it is possible for a person to lose to their own hysterics
I say it is possible for us to talk our way out of literally anything
which includes having a future, growing, learning, being, caring
and, of course,
reaching our next levels of being anything other than
who we are or
who we believe we are.

I can say that we play pretend
which is fun when we play house or dress up or role-play
the different ideas of success
or scanning the coast or being someplace in the Caribbean
yet the weight on our shoulders
and the blockages in our mind keep us from trying
or believing that yes, one day –
we can have it all.

We can have everything we’ve dreamed about.
We can go anywhere, do anything,
or become whatever we choose because, again,
someone told me –
The mind goes where the energy flows and yes – we get it
I know we do because our minds have an amazing way
of going to the wrong places at the speed of light
and instantly,
we can count all the reasons
why our biggest dreams will never come true.

I have held myself back for so long that I don’t need chains anymore.
I’m held like a dog on a leash
As a matter of fact,
ever see a dog that was trained by an invisible fence.
They use a shock collar and each time the dog tries to go beyond the line,
the collar lets out a shock – and the dog learns to never go so far again.

I get that . . .

I can say that whether we wear a collar or not,
all too often, we limit ourselves.
We do this because of a past intrusion
or the misdiagnosis of a failure or flaw.
We assume the worst because why?
Because we’ve seen the worst, that’s why
We don’t want to hurt or feel that shock again
We passed the invisible line before
which has trained us to stay put
and keep us in our comfort zone.

But again, the mind goes where the energy flows 

Our chemical make-up is really simple.
Did you know that?
We take on the chemistry of our thoughts.
This is called emotion
And whether we want to feel better or not . . .
The mind goes where the energy flows.

I like that saying. And it’s not mine but I do agree.
I agree with bias of our focus
and what we see,
this might not be true or false,
but we see what we see
and therefore, we believe that it must be true

A friend once told me,
Don’t play that movie out in your head, kid.
It never ends well

He was right

We have a way of manifesting our own failures
We paint ourselves in corners
We set ourselves up for loss
We find ourselves in the loop of habitual thinking
and habitual beliefs

Imagine what we would be capable of
if we learned to stay out of our own way?
Maybe then we’d be truly limitless
and those trips to the Caribbean
would be more of the real thing
than just a dream

Know what I mean?

We have to edit our focus
We have to adjust our view
To see better
to think clearly
to be ready at a moment’s notice
to see our future
and take it for a ride.

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