Answer the Question – Take the Reigns

Maybe the goal is to defy your fears every day.
Maybe fears alone are not so bad. Maybe this is just a case of the mind looking out for us.
To keep us safe. . .
And that’s fine.
Maybe the fears of being hurt or being lost; or maybe the worries we have are only intended to be protective. Maybe this is all precautionary or a reminder, to warn us of the holes in our path so that we don’t fall, or so we don’t trip, or slip on the ice and fall through the cracks.
Maybe this is it, no?

Maybe the question I’ve been asking here about “What the hell was I thinking,” was simply a navigation of the mind. Since this is my platform, then let this be my platform and let me speak plainly.
I would rather come off as a human than a person of authority.
Let’s level the playing field, just for the moment.
Forget about titles and positions or roles in this world.

I have been a person who was limited by my beliefs and I understand this is true. Still, the process of limited thinking is one that still goes on. How is this?

I am aware of biases. I am aware of subconscious programs.
I know about these things because I’ve lived with them throughout my entire life. 

I say this and, at the same time, I’m still afraid of the dark. I still have old fears that linger like the remnants of my past.
I still live with old intimidations and the impostorism ideas that, at any given moment, the curtain is going to be pulled and all will be revealed. Then what? The entire world will laugh at me or point and say, “See? I told you so!”
But let’s be honest. No one is that important to take up all this much attention and none of this is rational.
It’s just fear.
Fear . . .

Maybe this is why I come here to sit with you.
Maybe this is the reason why I look to account for my thoughts both honestly and forthcoming because even if there’s nowhere else in the world; at least I have this place to redirect myself.

One thing I know is that a depressive mindset is limited to depressive ideas and fears which, in turn, spins the anxiety cycles. Or maybe this can be the other way around. Maybe the anxiety cycle spins the depressive thoughts. Or maybe this is a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg – but either way, when both anxiety or depressive thinking are in the mix, it is hard to see anything past the limitations of our worries.

When this becomes the problem, the solution becomes unthinkable.

I get this now.
I get this more now than ever before.
At the same time, I can see how my thinking influences my responses or my behaviors.
I can see how this impacts my moods and my progress.
This is why I say that maybe our goal should be to surpass one fear each day.
Maybe we should be counteracting the cycle instead of allowing this to spin.

I say this because the mind is filled with reasons and excuses. We have pains that can be either physical or emotional. We have worries and uncomfortable mindsets that warn us of either invisible or irrational dangers ahead. 

When the mind is filled with fear, the body reacts. Our job is to notice this.
Our energy is changed and our body’s chemistry reacts to our thinking, And yes, it is possible to think ourselves sick. It is possible to think ourselves into crisis. We can think ourselves into the onslaught of absolute fear and we can certainly think ourselves into the devastation of destruction.
This can absolutely be true.

Someone asked me if I was still trying to write a book.
I smiled and answered politely.
I have been asked if I was still looking to build a program.
I smiled and answered politely.
None of this would have ever been possible if I believed in my old ways of thinking.

My job is to defy my doubts on a daily basis.
My job is to defy my anxiety and my irrational fears.
My job is to defy my depressive thinking by moving and acting which results in the creation of a physiological change in my chemistry. 

I have to do something. Even if it’s only one thing.
Even if it’s only this, to come here and meet with you in this special place of ours.

I do this every day because the truth of the matter is I am aware of my faults and weaknesses; however, I come here to discuss my strengths. I come here to discuss my abilities and as an exercise to built my mental fitness, I have come here to build myself up because if it’s possible to think myself sick, then it is also possible to think myself well. 

I can think about my fears and my failures until the end of time. But better, I can think of ways to defy my limitations. I can think of ways to improve the cognitive distortions that limit people like us.

I once heard someone say that depression is not a problem with character. It’s a challenge with our chemistry and chemistry can change.
Everything can change. Or everything can stay the same depending upon the way we associate with things. 

I heard you say an item at rest shall remain at rest and an item in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by an outside source. 

Depression can stay depressed without help.
Anxiety can stay anxious,
Anticipation can be a bitch.

Or, together, we can take the reigns and defy this on a daily basis.

I think I’d prefer us together on this one –
It sure as hell beats the alternative.

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