Just a Thought, Just Because – Find a Way to Let It Go

Let the drums beat.
Let the rage come out.
Let the music take over
and let the foot hit the pedal
so you can drive off
as fast as you can
and just go.

Let the sun come up.
Let the road be empty
and the mind go clear.
Let it go
Whatever “it” is
Or whatever this means to you –
let it happen.

Find a way to make it happen
the consequences can be severe.
So, find a solution
or find some way to create a resolution from within.
This way
we can live without the burdens
that clutter the mind.

Find a beach. Find a mountain.
Find a stream
or find a place where you can go
and sit
and let the wind blow through the trees
or let the breeze come in
and sweep past your face.

Let yourself breathe in,
as if you’re taking in a fresh breath
so that when you exhale,
you breathe out all of the bullshit
that clogs the arteries
in your mind –

I know it’s not easy and, yeah,
I know there’s a trick here,
But still . . .
You have to find something.
Find a place.
Find a song.
Find an action that takes place
and allow this
to transfer the currency in your mind
and make the trade
to get rid of your losses.

By the way,
overthinking is not going to make this better –
but hey, we know this.
Don’t we?

The mind is a funny thing:
it’s always on,
especially at night when you’d rather sleep
and you know you’re tired
but the rooms in that storage facility,
which we call the mind,
has far too many lights on.
It’s like a party, filled with uninvited guests
unwanted as ever, and overstaying their welcome
which means the commotion keeps us up.

The mind is like a sponge.
It absorbs too much and, sometimes,
we just wish we could wring it out.
We wish we could wring ourselves free
and get rid of the things we’ve seen,
heard or went through.
And our thoughts?
Well, they travel through channels
and move through tunnels
and go across causeways,
through intersections and often,
our thoughts can clutter the mind
like roadways congested with trucks and busses,
or like the traffic in Los Angeles,
which, in fairness,
has to be the worst traffic ever.

I remember being stuck in the Midtown tunnel once.
I was stuck there for what seemed like hours
and there was no way out.
There was no way to reverse.
There was no way to move forward.
All I could do was sit with anxiety
and wait for the traffic to break.

I know we tell each other to “breathe”
because, what else can you do
in moments like this?
What else can you control
when literally everything
is out of control and yes, of course,
we tell each other to “calm down” yet
we know full and well that no one ever calms down,
just because we tell them to

I admit it –
you want to rip yourself out of your own body.
You want to get away.
You want to yell or scream – and well,
maybe we should yell or scream.
Maybe we should do both at the same time.
Maybe we should let the drum beat.
Maybe we should let our rage come out. 

It’s amazing though, too,
how in the right settings
like around the right places
and with the right people
the world can ease you to peace. 

You can find a spot in this world,
I’m sure, which is nothing like anyone expects
and maybe sit back and close your eyes
for a minute and right there in that moment,
nothing else exists.

We have to find something
that brings relief because
we’re not made to live at full-speed
all the time.
We’re not built to be at risk all the time;
as in flight or fight,
or anxiety mode
all the time.

So, let the drum beat..
Let the mind have its outlet
Let us find something
to bring us peace because
the consequences
can be incredible. . .

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