A Thought From Work

It was years ago…

Someone created a replica of a nighttime drop-box to cover an actual box on the side of a local bank. The replica was placed over the original with a gap between the two, and before sunrise, the creator returned and took the replica as well as all the cash that was dropped inside.

Police said the bank reported a loss of more than $250,000

I swiped a few parking meters once .….I didn’t even clear twenty bucks.

The newspapers told of a homeowner that found a painting in his attic. Turned out the painting was worth millions.

After we moved in to our house, I found an old oven mitt behind the stove …..but something tells me the mitt isn’t worth as much.

There’s another story about a man finding a gym bag on a construction site. He opened the bag and found it was stuffed with cash. $32,000 to be exact.

Supposedly, the man looked around. He checked left, and then he checked right. He saw no one, so he took the bag and split.

I found ten bucks in my pocket yesterday. I thought that was pretty cool.

These stories are far from the norm…

In 1919 Arnold Rothstein fixed The World Series. Allegedly, Rothstein placed over $270K on the Cincinnati Reds. 270K was a lot of money back then. It’s a lot of money now.

The median income of 2013 hovers around a yearly salary of 50K

Average yearly income in 1919: $754.00

Stories like these flood the mind and as I imagine them, I begin to unfold my wish list. I buy lottery tickets and count the winnings I haven’t won yet. I figure the taxes I’d have to pay. Then I figure how I’d divide the money so I could live and play for the rest of my life.

But inevitably, the lotto gods smile. They take my money at the cash register, and when my numbers miss, I crumble the small sheet of paper, toss it in the garbage, and then I go back to work.

As a kid, I would get the urge to be lazy and then I would push off my responsibilities.

As a grown man, I still have the urge, but I have too much on my plate.

“I’ll be lazy tomorrow,” I say. But tomorrow comes with a different job…and being lazy gets pushed off to another day.

I don’t suppose I’ll strike it rich by finding something; say like, a painting, or a winning lottery ticket. I don’t have any plans to create a nighttime drop-box, and I doubt I’ll find a bag stuffed with cash somewhere.

I suppose if I want to have anything, then I’ll have to do it like the rest of the world

……and work for it.

Enjoy the Tuesday, folks.

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