A Quick Note From the Tattooed Minister

Man on the third floor –
I don’t know you well enough, but my silence is only a way to back out without exploding on your ignorance.
I overheard you say, “I would disown my son.”

You said, “No son of mine would ever be gay.”
His co-worker asked, “Do you have a son?”
The man from the third floor answered, “No.”
“That’s because he doesn’t deserve one,” I said.
He heard me
I know he did.

Man on the third floor –
You don’t know me well enough, but my silence is not weakness. It’s just my way of keeping my job over showing you a glimpse of your stupidity.

I do not know the courage it takes to come out and live a homosexual lifestyle. But I do know what it means to be different.
Growing up as an Irish Jew in a Catholic neighborhood wasn’t easy. I remember when a local skinhead spray-painted a swastika on the bowling alley. Everyone made sure to point this out to me….and they all had smiles when they did it too.
I was told, “But you’re a good Jew. You’re not like the others.”
No one knew how much that hurt. I suppose no one knew because I never had the courage to tell them. Besides, I wanted to fit in. Right?
I wanted to be a part of the crowd. I wanted to be cool…
I certainly didn’t want to be singled out or made fun of.

No one asks to be picked on
…or rejected
no one wants to be different
…or told they don’t fit

Not long ago, a boy jumped from the George Washington Bridge.
Why? Because he was Gay and he couldn’t face the taunts.
He couldn’t face the people against him, or the bullies that refused to leave him alone.
One could argue suicide is a selfish act and no one forced the boy to jump. But then again, someone with that argument has no understanding about a life outside of their own.

Sadly, the man on the third floor is not alone in his opinion
But fortunately, I’m not alone in mine either.

When I became officially ordained and chose to follow my faith instead of an organized religion, I was asked if I would officiate a same-sex marriage.
“In a heartbeat,” I said.
And no one can stop me. Not even the man on the third floor

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