so reluctantly…..

So reluctantly, I find myself moving towards technology…….

After a long day of running from 45th Street to Downtown Brooklyn, waiting in lines at an almost Department of Motor Vehicles like place in the New York City Fire Department Headquarters, and after trying to explain my situation to an impatient women behind a section of bulletproof glass to square away the necessary permits I need to make a living, I walked through the storefront doors of my cellular provider on 34th street.
I was immediately greeted by a tall, slim, and much young than myself, sales associate. His brown-skinned face was mostly clear of any acne; his collared buttoned down shirt was buttoned up to the top of his neck, and his sweater vest wore neatly over his shirt.
He smiled his white smile and greeted me with his best, “May I help you, sir,” approach.
I hate these places. I hate feeling stupid while talking to these know-it-all kids with their new technology and their wristwatch cellphones. I hate the touchscreen generation, but nevertheless, the times have changed so I reluctantly decided to change with them.

And of course, the salesman spoke kindly. He was patient with me, but I was less patient with him.
“I just need something I can type on…..something with a keyboard and not a touchscreen.”
“I’m not a technology guy,” I told the young man. “I still have my Blackberry phone, so I’m what you might call behind the times.”

The sales associate rolled his eyes and laughed, “We need to get you updated.”
“I’m not that good with all of these new options and applications,” I explained.
“That’s not a problem, sir. I think we have something that might work well for you.”

The associate ran off to the stockroom behind a perfectly white door. I waited, unsure of what he was going to bring, but he quickly returned with the same white, bright smile, and a Microsoft Windows Tablet, complete with Word, Power point, and of course, Excel.
Beneath the tablet’s box was another slim box. This box was for the keyboard, which folds over and around the tablet like an actual folder. Together, the unit is lightweight and compact. I have the advantages of a touchscreen tablet with several different applications, as well as access to my emails, the internet, and my personal journals.
I have a keyboard I can type on, a button, which supposedly helps me navigate through the system, a small mouse pad ….and there in a nutshell is my first plunge into technology.

The salesman explained, “It’s really very simple to use,” as he placed the two boxes on the table in front of me.
“You’ll pick it up in no time.”

I felt frustrated….I was surrounded by know-it-all people in the store, aware of how this technology worked, and I was humbled with every question.

Maybe it’s an age thing….

I remember when I was a kid and The Old Man brought home our family’s first VCR. I tried to show him how to use the simple features—but to him, the features were not so simple. I tried to explain the functions of each button—but The Old Man grew frustrated.
He called me a wise ass and sent me to my room. I never really understood why he was so angry. But then yesterday happened.

As I exited the store after my tutorial with a purchase I had no understanding of, I felt as though I just watched an incredibly long movie in a different language without subtitles.

Just think, next month I get to update my cellphone…..



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