Poem: I don’t want to…

I don’t ever want to feel like,
“This is it.”
I don’t want to think,
“This is all life has for me.”

I don’t ever want to be still
or stagnant,
or common
I want everything to feel like it does in the beginning

like the first time I saw you….
or the picture I saw of you, barefoot in a dress
and beneath
it said,
“Best dress ever!”

I want to feel fresh
and young
and wonder about tomorrow
without worrying about today

I don’t ever want to feel old
or tired
or as if life is more of the same
as if days add, months gather
and years pass by without meaning anything.

I don’t want to feel common
or molded in say, a usual world
where life is surrounded by 9 to 5 rules
and I swirl into the pack of routine bodies
commuting to their daily lives
and moving through Grand Central Station
without ever looking up at the artwork
on the ceiling.

See, life stops when we just exist
and I don’t want to, “Exist.”

I want to live . . .




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