For Jake

And so today, the dawn of a young boy’s life has turned to twilight.
We asked for a miracle. And now, even in the fall of a young child’s moment, a miracle has come. A young boy that brought so many together and strengthened the true bond of love has passed this morning.
We followed him and we prayed. We prayed together with every ounce of strength, with every piece of energy, with all of hearts and all of our soul.
We expressed ourselves and did all that was within our power.

Before commencing his spirit, The Son of Man spoke from the cross.
He said, “It is accomplished.”
And in this case, it is accomplished that a child, so beautifully vibrant and alive in the face of his sickness, who never ceased to smile or refused to love, now rests in the arms of God the Father.
It is accomplished that a child who brought so many together, from new friends to old, has taught us about humanity.

He taught us how to love in an extraordinary way. In the case of young Jake, a boy that many who followed his story had never seen in the flesh; we became better people because of who he is and what he showed us.

There are some that will argue that God failed and there are no miracles.
But I would argue they did not know Jake.
They never saw a personality like his or listened to the sound of his laughter.
They never looked at his picture or read his story.
For those that would argue the existence of miracles, I would argue they never saw a smile like Jake’s, or eyes as brilliant as his.
Because if they did . . . then they would know that miracles do exist even in the shadow of death.

Jake brought us meaning. He showed us the way, and though he passed, he outshone his sickness with a beautiful purity that can only come from a child of God.

That which is of the flesh is flesh, but today, young Jake has become of the spirit.
But understand that while we weep, we weep for ourselves.
We weep for the missing energy, which somehow lingers in a way we cannot touch.
Our hearts deflate with sadness, but let us remember:
“Verily, I say unto you, today you shall be with Me in paradise.”
(Luke 23:43)

My thoughts and prayers are with his parents. And they too are miracles. They showed so many of us what dedication means.
They gave meaning to the words, “Family,” and “Parenthood.”
In a world so imperfect, they gave us a glimpse of perfection

Blessed art those who mourn, for they shall be comforted . . .

May your hearts heal but your minds never forget.





3 thoughts on “For Jake

  1. Ben, that is so beautifully written. You work is beyond words, said with such emotion. I wait every morning for your work so I can have a better day. All I can say is: Thank you.

  2. Today my heart is broken and I fell the pain in Little Jakes parent,want to let you know that my prayers are we you,and thank to little Jake to make more human and make the love of a father grow bigger and tell you that God is giving me the chance to have a beautiful Angel baby girl that she will born at the end if this year…Dakota Mckayla Vega Mesina,one Angel is gone to be with God and other is send to this world to teach us that life is everywhere,and I know that one day I will meet you baby Jake R.I.P.#love#God is perfect

  3. My heartfelt sympathy to all of your family,your baby boy touched so many of us to the deepest places in our hearts.
    When Jake’s Angel wings were clipped by Our Lord,and he was born “YOU,”were chosen to entertain His Angel, if only for this brief time,Jake was on loan to the most wonderful family the Lord could find.Now,Jake”s
    Beautiful Wings are restored to him in The Lords Perfection.Jake waits at Heavens Door,for the day all will be together again.
    We will continue to keep all of you in our Prayers at Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Church,Myrtle Beach,S.C. God Bless,Marion Muller,Jennifer Muller Liguoris Mom.

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