Love Poem

It was late in October.
Outside, the air smelled from fireplaces and wet leaves,
which had changed from green to colorful
and then fallen to the ground.
I could smell the oncoming months of cold weather,
but yet, I could smell the warmth of a life
that would no longer be lonely.

I knew little about her,
other than her voice was calming,

and we shared a deep connection.
I knew nothing of her features,
other than pictures of her face,
and glances at her smile.

I only knew there was something there.
There was link between us and the life we lived
was somehow parallel to each other’s.
The roads we traveled were similar,
but at last,
our paths were about to meet.

As she opened the door, I felt a nervous spin in my stomach.
I felt as though this door
was not only opening to an apartment,

but to another chapter.
I felt the way a movie house would feel
when the leading actress appeared on screen,
and all the men in the audience
cheered for her beauty.

In my heart, I knew my yesterday was about to disappear.
I knew as soon as the door opened,
my direction in life would never be as it was.
I knew I would never be alone again, and more,
I knew that once the door opened,
I would charge through
and place my lips upon hers to stake my claim.

Through the door, she replaced lights with candles
to keep the mood dim and romantic.
Her face was the sweetest kind.
She smiled at first, but her smile was intercepted by my kiss,
which she either knew was on its way
or was surprised by its delivery.

And right then, I knew.

I knew that I was about to make love.
I knew that in moments, I would remove her clothes
and feel her chest against mine.
I pushed her to the couch
without disconnecting from her lips.

My hands slid up beneath her shirt
and along the sides of her body.
I heard her gasp with excitement
as she allowed herself to submit
and gently moan with pleasure.

I wrapped my arms around her while biting into her neck.
I removed her pants, and then her panties.
Straightening up, I pulled her shirt over her head.
And just like that—she was all mine.

If ever she felt wanted,
I needed to be sure she felt wanted now.
I needed her to feel as though she was truthfully touched.
I needed her to feel worshipped and totally noticed.
I needed her to feel as though
no man could touch her the way I will.

Not only that,
I needed to make myself more than irresistible,

but completely unforgettable.

I did not pause or hesitate in my approach.
No, that would show weakness
and what she needed was strength.

I moved forward from one stage of intimacy to the next.
After revealing her body, it was my turn to undress.
As I lifted my shirt over my head,
her hands sunk to my waist.
I could hear the jingle of my belt
as she opened the button at the top of my pants
and slid the zipper down.

My breath was fast—as if I had run a marathon,
but my energy was so
that I could run a thousand marathons
and I would run them over again
if it meant she would be there waiting for me.

The warmth of the room and our bodies
was matched by the flickering candlelight 
which danced in the background.

Finally, we were both unclothed.
We were both uncovered
and about to physical connect

an already emotional bond.

And when it was time,
I pushed through her entryway
I ran myself into her sea of unforgettable warmth.
When it was time, my body slid into hers.
I felt the sensation of her love; I felt the magical swirl of our worlds,
which at last 
were intertwined.

Her legs around my lower back; her hands slid beneath my arms
and found themselves placed on my shoulders.
She felt me.
I knew she felt every inch of me
and as I enjoyed her satisfaction,
I felt her love flood against mine.

I thought to myself,
“If ever there was such a thing as love at first sight . . .

then this is what love at first sight feels like.”

With my mouth on hers, and our bodies
linked in a celebration of love and desire,
I felt myself stiffen to the point of no return.

I felt every muscle strain as the top of this fabulous ride
came to its climax

and in an instant,
I exploded and shot myself
into the warm center of her paradise.

It was then when I came to believe in this word we call fate.

I believe in purpose . . .

I believe in love at love at first sight . . .

But mostly . . .

I believe in her




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