She opened the door to her home. Her eyes twinkled from the candlelight that flickered in the living room behind her. Outside, the full moon took its place in the center of an autumn’s night sky. The stars were bright and the wind was brisk and cool. Inside, however, the dim light from her apartment and soft music was nearly as warm as the sensation of her skin.

He thought to himself, “I knew right away.”
Her eyes seemed to squint as she smiled happily to see him. No sooner than she opened the door, he leaned in to wrap his arms around her.
She had no chance to say, “Hello.”
She had no chance to say anything. Before she could speak, his mouth landed upon hers. Before she could even moan his body trespassed through the doorway to claim what he believed was rightfully his.

She draped her arms around the top of his shoulders while he wrapped his around the small of her back. Moving into the apartment, she reached to slam the front door closed before he took her too far away. Only moments passed before he began to undress her. And only moments passed before he undressed himself to lie upon her.

This is when she spoke for the first time. She began to reveal something of herself because she wanted him to not only know everything about her—she wanted him to understand everything as well.
He hushed her because deep down, he knew there was nothing she could say or reveal about herself that would make him not want her.  To him, this was fate’s way of paying towards his destiny.

She moved back to lie on the living room couch. With her eyes gazing at his, she opened her legs and submitted to him. What began in a quick blitz of passion suddenly crawled to something slow and beautiful. Their kiss became delicate as his hands gently moved down the side of her body.
She could feel him between her legs. She could feel the stiffness of his reach and how much he wanted her.
She pulled at him—wishing that he would plunge into her. She wanted him to slide in, inch, by solid inch.

“I want you,” she said.

“I want you inside me now,” she told him.

He pressed his lips against hers as she breathed into his mouth. Reaching down, he grabbed himself and guided his extension to the start of her body’s opening.
She was wet for him. He could feel her dripping as he guided his tip between the soft glistening petals that covered her entryway

“I want you,” she said to him.

Pushing forward, his tip passed through her silky gates.
Slowly he felt himself sink inside her body.

She quivered.
Her breath shook as he pushed forward with all his might

“You feel so good,” he told her.

“So do you,” she answered.

“You feel so strong in my arms,” she said.

As he began to withdraw, he quickly moved in again. This time, his thrust was so strong their skin slapped together in applause.
He withdrew again, only to slam down once more in a long heavy stride. As the heat of their love picked up, so did the speed of their love. He moved in faster. Each time he moved in—he moved in harder, causing her to moan and moan louder with each hard thrust

She began to drip for him.
She moaned for him and screamed
His body was stiff and hers was waiting.

They came together—fitting like a puzzle

“I love you,” she screamed.

.Within seconds, every muscle in their bodies that tensed, exploded in a sexual celebration, and all that was clenched was at last relieved.

This is how two became one.


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