Fun with Sex

Looking at you, I wonder what it is that goes on behind your smile. I watch you sometimes. I seldom tell you this, but I do.
I sit quietly and watch you because in times like this words are unnecessary and they would do nothing else but interrupt my picture of you.
In some cases, something comes over me.
An uncontrollable urge comes over me and the only thing I can think of is you lying willingly helpless beneath me. I love these moments when you expecting nothing and  looking elsewhere—your attention is anywhere but on me and you are unaware of my surprise attack.

The sound I love most is the sound you make when you submit to me. This is not because you are weaker than me but more so because I am stronger, which leaves you with only two options; either you are given to me or you are taken. Quite honestly, I love the taken part.

This is when I hear your sounds. This is when I hear you give in to me and this is when your body falls helplessly in my arms.
Your eyes roll backwards as they close as a sign of your submission. And when this happens; I know you’re all.
You’re all in because of all you feel from me; you feel the strength in my desire. Of all things, you feel needed. You understand at this point that I am uncontrollable and that there is no stopping me.

The sound I love most is the small quivers in your breathing when you try to resist. And when you resist, you realize there is no way that you can. There is nothing you can do and in this very second;  you realize the struggle is what arouses you.

When you resist, you realize that is me that overpowers you. You realize what it means to be wanted beyond any sort of control and this arouses you.
What arouses you most is the look in my eyes—this is the look of a wild carnivore. I am hungry and mad, and eager to bite into the side of your neck. I want to feed from you as if the flesh I feed on is the same flesh that stimulates you to the height of perfection

Instantly, we both go blind. We are blinded in the sense that we can see nothing except our lust for each other.
We are blinded by the sexual frenzy and while swallowed by a sea of thrown pillows and blankets that weave around our bodies, the sound I love most is the uncontrollable sounds that come with this.
I love the way you breathe. I love the way you moan, and when you moan, I love that it is me that makes you feel this way. I love enjoying you, controlling you, and taking you beyond your limits.
Most of all, I love the look in your eyes when you’re seconds away from feeling a burst of relief—when you’re seconds from eruption and seconds from the reasons why you love when I take you, I love the way your mouth hangs open as if to telegraph the moan which is inevitably on its way.

At this point, your body approaches the line before orgasm. You realize what’s on the way as every muscle in your body tightens; your legs spread wider with your toes pointing outward and your body shakes.
It is here in this brief second; right here in the small moment before all of your body gives way to a beautiful explosion; here before the voice of your moan is able to escape your mouth, all is so tense between us, and I am so hard and so stiff; it is here when you completely submit to me. This is the moment I love most. This is the one I was telling you about. This is when you are either truly given or you are truly taken by me.

I feel strongest at this moment. It is during in this moment when your body loses physical control. This is when you are seconds away from a phenomenal quake; your body gives way and drenched below the waist, the center of your legs floods across me in stream of sexual victory.
I suppose this could be why jaw grinds. I suppose this is why I feel so aggressive; my teeth clench as I explode, and as I spill myself into you, the piece of me which feels like a carnivore—that piece of me that feels like a conqueror, or the piece of me that feels like a vicious, crazy beast, angry and mad—this is the piece that causes me to growl and bite at the sides of your neck.

Once bitten and once taken, the moments after this episode are quiet and still. Neither you nor I have the power to move. Everything we have is spent. Everything we are has been added together and summed up in our wild, crazy frenzy, peaked to a climax, and finally settled down to rest. Now all that is left to do is lay in bed while listening to the gentle sounds of raindrops fall against the rooftop.

This is what it sounds like when you submit to me

I swear I love these sounds

Don’t you?


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