A Prayer for The Angry

Blessed Father,

Although I am drawn to it, I cannot give in. I cannot surrender and go the way of my anger.

Although I am drawn in and feel justified to respond; it is better that I leash my tongue instead spitting back or saying something to defend myself when there is no need to; for this is the way of my enemy and I will not liken myself to them.

Therefore, I will not respond the way they would choose; because if I do, I will respond in a way that can later do me wrong.

No. It is better that I remove me from the argument—else I will be drawn in deeper, and drawn deeper, I will lose what sense I have.
Drawn deeper, I will be like my enemy and run the risk of responding in a way that I detest.
No. I will be better than that

It is better that I accept my enemies as enemies and accept this: whatever they do is done for a reason, and most often, an enemy draws me in to play the game by their rules. But I refuse to play along.
I say this again. I cannot concern myself when someone is against me or threatens with a growl. If they are against me, then they are against me, and whether they are a valid threat or unimportant; they are simply this, against me, and as such; this is their position and it would be a mistake to waste myself in the efforts to try and turn them about.

Those who choose to do wrong have chosen their spot. It would be wasteful to feed in or allow myself to be drawn into their territory.
I have said this before: in many cases, there are no victims; there are only volunteers.
So why volunteer?
Why allow myself to be drawn in?
Why drown myself in someone else’s resentment? And more importantly: why give in to anger when in fact, for me to achieve anger is the only goal of my enemy.

Blessed Father,
Allow me the strength to hold my head with dignity and not act shamefully like those who would choose to see me otherwise.
If I am to allow anyone to steal my smile—then they have been allowed to steal me, and wholeheartedly, I will not stand by and willingly allow anyone in this life or the next to steal me ever again.
No. I will not volunteer; I will not give way, and I will not surrender my emotions to anyone who is not deserving of me. And going forward,  I am not disillusioned nor will I allow myself the illusion that I will never be hurt or angry.
No. Instead, I will allow my feelings. I will accept and process them until I am healed and better; because of anything my enemy wants for me, being better is not on their list.

However, it is on mine.
And so be it. Until I reach my goal, I promise myself this; I will no longer volunteer or allow myself to be drawn in by those who would like to see me drown.

Blessed Father,
Teach me to swim free so that I will not drown in my hate.
Help me to see the lessons I am to learn and to stay upon this course, which you have prepared for me.
I ask this of You, so that I may be a brighter vessel of your truth instead of darkened channel of their lies.

Blessed Father,

Watch over me.

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