From Letters From a Son

Sorry, I know it has been a while since the last time I wrote to you. So much has gone on and I’m not sure where to start. I swear, sometimes the world becomes this  busy place. Days pass and then weeks go by. Next thing I know, months peeled off the calendar and I miss the marks on my “To do,” list. It’s strange how life has a way of picking up and getting away from us.

I remember years ago when the springtime came around, I had to clean my room and get rid of literally everything that Continue reading

An Honest Account Of My Weight loss

Throughout the years and throughout the various changes we go through, I have learned the best people to be surrounded by are real people with real understanding. Furthermore and above all, I have learned the worst people to be around are those who look to judge, direct, or diagnose.
I was a grown man and well on my way through life with experience under my belt. I worked hard and I worked a lot. I maintained my home Continue reading

Notes From a Divorced Dad

The truth of the matter is there are always two sides to the story. And I get that. The problem comes, however, when either side refuses to admit to the wrongs on their side of the fence. And when it comes to divorce; things can be ugly. And when it comes to divorce with children —things get even uglier.  And there is a third side on this one. There his side, her side, but many seem to forget the children’s side of this.

Divorce is a strange but Continue reading