Always Keep Going

If I could I would love to go back to when I was fresh on the job and new in the business world. I would love to go back and say to me, “Be careful with the way you measure yourself.” I would say be mindful of the people you speak to and yes, be careful with the friends you choose because there is no moderation here in the business world. Friends are friends and business is business. I would caution me to be aware of this. If I could I would tell me just because someone might have the same dream as you, it doesn’t mean they have the same drive to achieve it. So don’t give in and more importantly, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated.
I would explain money has a way of changing people. So do titles and job positions. People can become drunk with these things and they buy into the lies of their own ego.

If I could say anything to the younger version of me, walking up 33rd Street with a briefcase in hand, back when I was dressed in a  suit and tie, hair slicked back, unaware of how it all goes, and uneducated on the difference between confidence and arrogance; I would tell me be careful kid. I would say be careful with the words, “Temporary,” because temporary things have a way of becoming permanent when we don’t act accordingly.

Of course, I would tell me to write more. Do more. Nurture more and care less about the nonsense of social snobbery. I would tell me to nurture my dreams. Stay away from the people that put you down. I would say be careful what you listen to kid. Half of what people say in business is a lie and the other half is exaggerated to fit that person’s portfolio.
If I could I would go back to tell me that those that don’t talk about it are the ones that know how to do it, and just the same, the ones that tell you how much they know, truth is, they don’t know shit . . .

I remember there was a time when I was flown to Atlanta for a trade show, I was supposed to be the new young hot shot sales kid. The owners took a liking to me. If I had only kept my mouth shut and learned to keep my pride quiet, I would have had the chance to earn a grown man’s salary at an early age. Instead, I spoke out when I shouldn’t have.

 did my job as far as sales were concerned. I did more than my quota; however, I argued with one of the executive assistants when she told me to go get coffee for her. I told her no. I told her that’s not my job. I’m here to sell, I told her. But these were the wrong things to say.
Instead of ending up with a new job, I walked away with a few hundred in cash.

If I could tell me anything, I would tell me not to allow me to ever be stagnant. I would tell me not to settle. I would say don’t stay where you don’t belong. I would remind me that the reason why I was so unenthused with life is because I never dared to take the chance of being enthusiastic about anything.

There comes a time when reality comes into play and life takes on a new and unexpected shape. If I could I would go back and tell me, don’t be discouraged. This whole thing is just a test. This is just a dress rehearsal for a much bigger part in an entirely different play.
I remember when my crowd of friends went off on their direction. I remember the weddings. I remember the communication changed. We grew up. We moved out on our own. At least, some of us did.

I remember wishing I was smarter or better than I was. I figured if this were so, maybe I could get a place of my own.
I recall wondering what my life would have been like if I actually loved a girl instead of tolerate her and allow us to be co-involved in a mutually beneficial, hostage situation.

I remember the first time I met the girl I was supposed to marry. I remember meeting her family and thinking, something tells me I should walk away now. I remember the apparent warning signs and thinking to myself, oh well, I’m in too deep. It’s too late. If I could go back, of course, I would tell me to steer clear. Then again, if I went back to do that, I wouldn’t be here, where I am today, and I might not have known what I know now.

If I could I would go back and tell me not to be afraid to make different choices. I would tell me it’s okay to be afraid and it’s also okay to be alone. If I could, I would tell me that love is real. I would tell me that love is very real in fact, it stares at you on a daily basis, but yet, you’re too afraid to see it (or try to.)
I see the new generation coming into the working world now. I sometimes interact with the summer interns in my company. I tell them all the things I wish someone would have told me when I was their age. But then I laugh because deep down, I know they won’t listen. I know I wouldn’t have listened either.

I want to tell them the world is a huge place. I want them to know there will be pain in their future. There will be victories as well, but for some strange reason, the human mind is like a trap when it comes to things like this: We hold on to pain and all too easily, we let go of our victories as nonchalant as tossing away an old sheet of paper. If I could suggest anything to anyone, I would suggest they hold their switch this process to their polar opposite. It just might be helpful

I have spoken with some of the interns that come through my employer’s office throughout the summer. I ask about their future. I talk with them about their schooling and their classes. I talk about their social interaction and try to learn about their inspirations. I tell them  hold on tight. I tell the the world is going to change faster than you ever imagined.

I tell them, one day, you will meet the person of your dreams and they will inspire you. I tell them they will complete you in ways you never believed were possible. I tell them a time will come when your chance to live is right in front of you, so grab it fast and hold on tight. Don’t let go because this is your passion; and whether it’s the love of your life or the job of your dreams, always pay attention to the effort you give. Just keep being you to the best of your ability and trust me, you will be just fine.

I love these kids and their fancy wardrobes. I love how they act, “As if,” because of course, they already know everything. I smile though because I do see hope. And I love seeing hope. This is purity at its best, which leads me to the one thing if I could ever go back and tell me, or tell anyone, I would tell me . . . never, ever, ever, let anyone steal your purity. It is worth more than you could possibly imagine! 

But don’t worry. Just in case you lose it, age will come along to remind you of what’s important, which means you will learn, and one day, you will wake up and find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be.


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