The Beach on Project Earth

Once the sun comes up, the world takes on a new appeal.
Everything is glistening now with a new sensation.
The sky is colorful and the beach at point Lookout takes on the orange haze that beams from the horizon.
I can feel myself here, imagining me alone, and walking along the shoreline while the beach is beautifully empty.

I see this lace in my dreams and the sands are indented by the previous footsteps before mine.
Although I am alone, I understand that others in the world are aware of this place and the sand’s indentations are like the accepting sponge of our footsteps.
The sands absorb us so that when we walk, the sands take our footsteps to allow us our journey.

I feel I need this place.
I need this place because it symbolizes so many things.
This beach represents the moment of my childhood.
This is the place where I was most accepted even during the most unacceptable times in my life.

Right here at the beach at Point Lookout on Project Earth:
This is where The Old Man would and I would go on New Year’s morning.
This was our moment of truce and our yearly ritual.

This is where I would go when the mind would be too busy.
I could arrive at the beach with a mind filled with thought and then I could stand in front of the ocean at sunrise and speak my thoughts to the winds.
I could hear the sound of seagulls and feel the sensation of waves crashing upon the shore and then receding back to sea.
As I see it, this is how the world breathes.
As I see it the world is a living and breathing place.
We are all so amazingly small.
Even our planet as huge as it seems to us is smaller than an atom when compared to the size of our infinite universe.

Sometimes, I swear, I wonder if we are nothing more than some lab experiment in some classroom’s fish tank.
I laugh as I write this to you because I am remembering the old ads in magazines for sea monkeys, which were these tiny, crystallized eggs that hatched in water.
To the sea monkeys, their fishbowl was the size of our planet Earth.
To us, these were tiny brine shrimp and no bigger than a quarter inch at best.

We tend to make things bigger than they are.

That’s why I go here to the beach —even if only in my mind, I come here to find my semblance of hope and peace.
I close my eyes and I see me here.
I see the sun come up and I feel the warmth on my face.
I come here to realize that not everything is so huge and so goddamned crucial.

I come here to speak my thoughts and pray my way through.
I come here because this place above all is a symbol of my most special things, which I hold dear to my heart.

This place is a representation of everything I have

Which is why I share this now, with you

The Beach on project Earth

it’s here for you too

Just in case you might need it


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