To Laugh

There is nothing so healing to the world like a laugh during a hard time. I swear in the most impossible of settings, a laugh, say like from someone you love, can be the most redeeming thing in this crazy world.

To laugh: to remind us that not everything is so critical, to relieve the tension, to create a memory, to give love, share love, and to defy the sadness of a single solitary moment; to laugh out loud, to live out loud, or to live in that moment, to be silly like a kid without apology, and to stand in the middle of a store with someone so close to you and not be afraid to play or dare each other to do crazy things, like say, eat the most sour candy one could possibly find or dare someone to try a hot sauce challenge—

Sometimes, we grow too serious. We worry about life beyond our control. We focus on people, places, and things, and we hold on to the stressors in our life, which spawn the sources of our anxiety.

Learn this:
Life happens. Time passes and once a minute is gone, there is no way to retrieve it.
Understand there is nothing more irretrievable than a single moment. Moments become our memories. This becomes our company when times are lonely. This is when we can think back. This is when we can laugh about the stupid, simple things we did, like making a prank phone call (like little kids do) or play pretend and act crazy just because.

Learn that the laugh you share with someone becomes the way the remember you. This is how they can hold you in their heart.
Learn that your laughter can be lifesaving to someone.
Trust me on this.
Learn that your smile and your laugh mean everything. And at times, I will suggest that to someone, your laugh and your smile is in fact the only thing that gets them through another day on this thing I call Project Earth.

I can say wholeheartedly that I have a special memory of laughter. This is a collection of laughs I save from people who have saved me. I have a memory of my Mom laughing.
Even though she was sick, we still found a way to laugh.

I remember when I heard my little girl laugh —and I mean really life, like the belly kind. I keep this memory like a tiny picture in the mental pockets of my mind. And I use them when I need to.
I use them when I have to because unfortunately, not everyone is around forever. And Mom, well, I miss her.
But then again, I’m sure you knew that . . .

There was a man that attended one of my empowerment classes. He was angry. He was fed up with the way he was treated. He came in with a list of complaints. After we spoke like human beings, I saw him smile. We laughed together. And maybe this was forgotten by him. But I never forgot. I remember his smile above many because this was one of the most sincere smiles I have ever seen in my life.

It is too easy to give in to the things, which hold us back. It is too easy to be distracted. It is too easy to give in to intimidation and insecurity. It is too easy to be carried away with resentment and too easy to be given to pride and prejudice. 

Life moves very quickly. And before we know it, age happens.
Life happens and we move around at a fast pace.
Before we know it, years have gone by —or maybe decades have passed and we turn around and wonder where the time went.
People come in and out of our life for only so long. But yet, we often miss out on tiny special details because our mindset draws us away from where our attention needs to be.

Since life is energy and energy needs a direction to flow, I see myself as a junction, which gives me the right to direct my energy in whichever way I choose. And since I reserve the right to choose, then I reserve the right to be happy for life or longer.

We only get one trip around on this thing called Project Earth. In my eyes, it makes sense to enjoy it as much as possible, which means we need to spend our time wisely. This means to love more, live more and above all, we need to laugh more because sometimes, laughter is the best medicine to overcome the adversity of a broken heart.

True Story . . .

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