Serenity In 909 Words

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably. Imagine yourself away from all of your stressors. You are far from the anxieties that cause concern.
Imagine yourself sitting on a shoreline where the waves move in quietly. The sound of the waves is the sound of Mother Earth breathing.
When the waves come in, she inhales.
When she exhales, the waves return out into sea.

Picture this place:
The beach is empty. The sky is blue and vacant of any clouds. The wind is subtle but yet, the breeze is enough to blow through your hair.
The sun is strong and warms the skin. In the distance, the water is blue. Beneath you, the sand is white.

Around you, the empty sands are woven with indentations.
These are footprints.
These are the thoughts that walk through your mind; however, this is where you come to meet the sea. This is where you come to find comfort in waves that move in and out.

You are aware here.
You are aware of the waves and the anonymity of the sea. You can say anything here. You can tell your thoughts and spill your secrets; and the waves, she will do nothing else but carry them away.
As you abandon your thoughts; you abandon your stress and give away your anxieties.

You are sitting on the shoreline, admiring the ocean. The indentations of the sands are woven fixtures of your mind that are cushioned by the spine of the shore.
This is where you have come to relinquish your fears. This is where you come to let go of your doubts.
This is where your resentments are washed away like the sediments in the sand, —and when the waves return, they take away the symptoms; and when the waves return, they come back clean like a breath of fresh air.

There is no fear here.
There is no pain or discomfort.
Imagine this place and breathe slowly.
Gradually inhale through your nose and then pause when you reach the top of your breath.
Once you have reached the top of your breath; I want you to gradually exhale through your mouth until you reach the bottom of your breath.
Once you are at the bottom, you will pause, and then repeat the process.

Envision yourself here.
Picture the sky. Picture the peacefulness of the ocean.
Envision the sands and the warmth from the sun.
Picture the emptiness as a sign of comfort.

This is your most perfect vision.
You, the beach, Mother Earth, and the folding and crashing of the waves, and the return to sea; this is you.
See yourself here. You are healthy. There is no tension in your neck or at your shoulders. There are no burdens, no stress, and no interruptions.

Allow yourself to sit here on the beach. Imagine the sound of the waves and the soft wind. Imagine the warmth on your skin and the breeze against your face.
See yourself here.

As you look out into the distance; you notice a plane moving through the air. Behind the plain is a line of white exhaust that trails across the heavens. The trail spreads and slowly vanishes.
You watch as the airplane begins to leave the date trailed behind in its path.
The date is Saturday, March 2, 2019.

This is the day you decide to make your change. This is the day you decide to work towards your freedom. There is no fear in this decision. There is no worry. There is only strategy and plans.
Watching the plain fly overhead, you look up at the date: Saturday, March 2, 2019

This is the day you decide to match your intentions. This is the day you choose your intensity. This is the day you leave behind your subconscious doubts. You let go of your personal biases. This is the day you surrender all your excuses

Today, you make the decision to live your life to its fullest possible potential.

Imagine yourself here on the beach with Mother Earth. See yourself.
 See this clearly because this is the most perfect version of you.
This vision is the embodiment of your dreams. This is you without pain, without anguish, without fear, and without the weight of anything unwanted.

Find yourself here in the most peaceful, relaxing setting. See this is a vision of you. You are clean and flawless. There is no heaviness weighted upon your brow. You are smiling because you feel like the shore; cleaned by Mother Earth.

As you envision yourself here; you realize the tension in your muscles have gone away. As you picture this, the anxiety flushes away. Your breathing becomes easy. Your thoughts are less intense. As you breathe in and out, you feel like the ocean.
You feel the flow of the waves as they move in. The waves arrive to cleanse the sand and move out to remove the sediments out to sea.

This is your picture of rest.
This is your place of redemption and the date; Saturday, March 2, 2019 is the time of your personal resurrection

See this place and keep it with you
 When you return to your surrounding; you will notice a feeling of relaxedness. This is good.
Next time you feel stressed or anxious, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take long, slow, deep breaths. At the same time, close your eyes and think of this

The idea will serve you well…

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