An Old Post About Worth

Worth the rewrite:

Speaking of worth . . .

Here’s a little poem about value –

The things people say are often different from the things we hear.
But hey, in the land of Interpretation, misconception is king (or queen, depending upon the circumstance.)

I was wondering—

Why do we bother looking in the mirror if we never believe in our own reflection?

Do you understand where I’m going with this?

What I mean is there’s perfection in our reflection. I know there is
But for some reason we only see the flaws, which are inaccurate of truth and created by our perception.

. . . .and it’s hard when you can’t see yourself clearly
It’s hard to be beautiful when your interpretation of what you see appears ugly to you.

This sucks . . .
And sometimes,  I’m not sure if we really know what beauty is.
See what I mean?
It’s hard to be beautiful when you see yourself as anything but
(but you’re not.)

It’s hard because things like our insecurity and the constant questioning and internal arguments, the waiting to see when you’re turn for happiness will come, the wondering, and the worrying about what we say, how we sound when we say something, or if we do say anything, we often wish we never said anything in the first place

Ever talk and hear the last thing you said repeat itself, over and over again, in your mind?
You think you sound stupid
So you say something to fix what you said before
Only what you say next comes out worse
So you dig the hole deeper, like quicksand, and sink into the emotional hole we call, “Insecurity.”

Ever notice the how paths we choose always seem to end the same way?

Ever wonder if this has anything to do with the choices we make?

Also . . .
Ever wish you were someone else because you felt you were like no one else?

Truth is, and I’ve said this before

I know what you see when you look around

I know what you can’t see when you look in the mirror.

Something else I know is when you look around at the top layers of life, and when you look at everyone else and see what they have and how it always appears to be more (or better) than what you have; the problem is you never realize there is a great big world below the surface level.
Trust me there is

So don’t be fooled.

After all, no matter how pretty someone may seem on the outside; if they’re ugly on the inside then they could only be average at best.

And you . . .

Believe me when I tell you

You are nothing short of extraordinary

As a matter of fact –

You couldn’t be average if you tried

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