To Hell With them

Moving away from the old programs, I agree, there are times when we look around, we look at ourselves, we look at our attempts to change, and then we shake our head because we think, “Why bother? It’s not working anyway.”
Then we sabotage ourselves without even noticing. We create our own self-fulfilled prophecy. We fail and then we say to ourselves, “Look, see? I told you so!”

I know there are times when doubt prevails. I can certainly understand the frustration, which comes when we try new things. We feel odd or uncomfortable. We let go of our old resources and somehow feel naked or vulnerable. This is when our faith is tested. This is when doubt creeps in

I can think of several reasons to quit. I can think of several reasons why I should scrap my journals, unplug my computer, and throw it all away.
I can think of countless reasons why I should just go back to my old routine. I could have stayed as I was, working my steady gig, plus overtime, and use my sick days and vacation days for whatever or whenever I choose.

It’s easy to think about the critics. It’s easy for me to think about all the reasons why I’ll never be able to pull off my trick. It’s easy to think about doubt because it seems to come naturally.

It doesn’t matter what other people say though.
No, they can be a fan. They can be a loved one and push us. It doesn’t matter what they say because drive has to come from within.
Drive is part motivation and part inspiration.
(May you find yours now)
This is what fuels us. This is what feeds our hope. This is what creates desire and teaches us how to fight for what we dream of.

Keep in mind:
Doubt is something we learn along the way. Doubt is a mental program that we store each time we tried and failed or caught a broken heart and hurt our feelings. And make no mistake; doubt grows.
Doubt grows if we nurture it. If we feed it, doubt can become bigger than us. If we let it breathe, if we interact with it, if with listen to it, our doubt becomes us in the third person. Doubt is that voice that says, “Why bother?”

Doubt is the voice that tells you, “You’re not cut out for this. Might as well quit now.”
This is what doubt does.
Doubt is a whisper that only we can hear.
It’s that voice . . . it’s the reason we give up before we even try.

Doubt is a weed that suffocates hope. So long as we feed it, doubt grows.
But what about us?
How do we grow if doubt steals the food we need to feed our dreams?

There will always be someone around, looking to put holes in your story. There will always be someone looking to trip you, looking to swipe your confidence, and looking to say how the odds are stacked against you.
There will always be someone looking to tell you their opinion on what you do. There will always be someone anxious to criticize your work; and they do this like it’s their job.

Truth is no one has the right to stop us from achieving our goals. No one has the right to steal our dreams. No one has the right limit our abilities simply because they think we can’t do something
(or they don’t want us to.)

To hell with them . . .

There are a million reasons I can think of why I should quit.
But there is only one reason why I can’t.

I can’t quit because I don’t want to.

Even though the odds may be against me, I still have passion for what I do. Even though I fall sometimes and I’ve trusted the wrong people; I’ve found myself on the poor end of circumstances, and found myself fattened up for the gossips to chew, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve chosen poorly sometimes, I allowed my doubt to feast on my fears, and allowed my doubt to quench its thirst with my insecurity, and even though I am starting late in life and even though there are people that say, “Nice try kid,” I still continue.
I do this because I have to.
I have to for my own sake.

There will always be someone looking to tell you about the odds. Even if it’s a million to one, what if I’m that one?

What if I quit right before the phone call?
What if I quit before the miracle?
What if I try? What if I continue?
What if I keep going and finally realize this is the miracle?

It’s not about win or lose anymore. It’s not about being good or bad because there is no good or bad. I’ll tell you what it’s about, —it’s about waking up each morning, seeing my reflection in the mirror and being proud of what I see.

Look at the game of baseball. Think about a batter in the batter’s box. Some days, the batter knocks it out of the park. Some days, the batter hits fouls and ground balls. Some days the batter strikes out. Either way, the batter still bats because that’s how the game is played.

I’ve never been much of a ball player. But at the same time, each morning, I have to wing for the fences. Else, I will have truly given up. And I just can’t do that to myself; at least, not on my watch.

In closing, I say this with all of my heart. Sure, there are days when rejection gets the better of me. There are days when the news hurts. There are times when I feel hopeless and helpless. There are times when I want to quit. I could live a much easier life. I could quit right now and who would care? The thing is I would care—
and that’s why I can’t quit

Besides, there is always someone looking to see if I’m ready to give up. Rather than satisfy them with a resignation, I choose to honor me by not giving in

No matter what; even if we fall, at least we stood for something.
Even if we speak and no one hears or if we take a swing and we miss, at least we hung in there. At least we tried.

Truth is most people don’t have the balls to try.

That’s why they sit in the safety of their own commonplace lives and criticize anyone that looks to take a shot.

To hell with them . . .

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