Love Prose: Note To Self

Just breathe—

It’s okay to be you, to feel, to think,
to laugh, or cry, or neither;
it’s okay to be confused
or unsure—
it’s okay to be scared or feel frightened or worry;
it’s also okay to give yourself a break.

Just sit back for a second and breathe.
That’s all.
Just breathe in deeply and then exhale.
You don’t have to know what to do next.

You don’t have to overthink the next chapter
or dissect the moment into a million pieces,
which you tend to do,
and then you inevitably sift through each detail
at say, 3:00am
when all you want to do is sleep
but hey, if the mind’s up,
then the body is up.

Know what I mean?

It’s okay to be you.
People depend on this.
Trust me—
who you are, how you are,
and what you do in this life
matters to people.
You certainly matter to me
and I know you can’t see this. I get that.
I know it’s hard to see what others see,
but trust me, you are more valuable than you realize.

I get that it’s hard to see yourself clearly.
I understand when you see yourself
You assume others will look at you the same way.
it feels as though you’re still just waiting,
hoping to be seen
and accepted for who you are,
which is truly remarkable
if you’d just give yourself a break.

Trust me . . .

because you—

You are absolutely perfect
exactly the way you are.
So just breathe for a second.
Take a minute to just be you.
Shut down. Shut the world off
breathe in and then out.

Don’t be afraid to feel.
Don’t pressure yourself to feel differently
or be curious why you don’t feel or think a certain way.
Just be you.

Sometimes the thought machine goes into overdrive
and all we do is think.
But dig it—
it’s okay to unplug yourself.
It’s okay to step away.
It’s okay to remove yourself from people, places,
and things.
Choose you.
Look at your life as it is right now
make a choice that honors you most
Base your decisions from here and then move forward.

I have never really been out of this country.
I have never seen what it looks like in Paris.
I have never been to Italy
or watched the sunset in Spain
nor seen the sunrise on the beaches of Condado.
I have never been to Vegas.
I’ve never seen the shorelines in Baja.

Jim Carroll wrote that Burroughs told him,
“Have you ever seen the fjords?
You have to see the fjords before you die.”
I think the fjords are in Norway someplace.
I don’t know.
I’ve never been there.

One day though,
I plan to take a trip
I will go to all the places I have seen
or dreamed of, —even if only in my mind,
I promise you, I’ll be there
waiting for you . . .

I know life hits hard.
I know what the sunset means.
I also know what it means to watch the sunrise.
These two things will never be complicated.
They will always be a symbol of my balance;
therefore, by dawn, I know I will have another shot.
At sunrise, I know I will see the face of my dreams
and smile.

It’s okay to be you, exactly as you are.
So breathe, feel, and think, walk, talk, dress,
and act as you choose
because everything you do
leaves an impression on today.

Don’t let your thinking take you away from yourself.
And if it does, don’t worry.
The sunset will come soon enough
and the sunrise will follow,
which means you  get another shot.

Just look for the sunrise—

Believe me, it can do miracles . . ..

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