This Is My Why

I am a firm believer in self-assessment. This is not to say I believe in being overly critical. We beat us up enough; however, I need to understand my personal inventory if I plan to achieve my personal goals.

I started a podcast a few months back with my producer and co-host Jay. Together, Jay and I discuss life changes and recovery. We talk about our involvement with The Recovery Spot on 18th and Irving Plaza.

See, I have a goal here. I have a purpose here. This is what I want to do and this is the change I want to create.
But how?  
What do I have to do?
When can I schedule time in my calendar, which is already filled? And why is this important to me?
Why is this my purpose?

What is my why?
I ask this question because of my last podcast. My guest asked me this same question. He told me to find my why.

I am a firm believer in breaking things down to the least common denominator. What I mean is I keep it simple.
No need too over think or over-complicate. Scaled back to the bare truth; rather than overly decorate myself, let’s put everything in perspective and use rational thought to improve.

Each day, like the rest of the world, I navigate my way through life. I deal with work things and family things and life things and things that get in the way. I deal with me, myself, and I and all that comes with it.
Each day, I have a schedule, which can be hectic and demanding. I work a lot. I want to play a lot too, which is why time management is important.

I had a long discussion on yesterday’s podcast about the word, “Why?”
What is my why?
This was the question we posed to our listeners.
What is your why?

I scale my life back to the simplest terms.
My why is my purpose. My “Why” is the reason that keeps me going. This is what helps me stand up when I fall down.
Why do I perform?
Why do I write?
Why do I coach?
Why do I want to help others?
Why do I do public speaking?
Why do I want to advance?
Why am I staying sober?
These are my passions.
That’s why.
I do this because else, I will be stagnant and unhappy or worse, unmotivated to do or be anything at all.

I do this because I want to achieve on a daily basis. My why is constant. My purpose is to improve and the end of each day, I want to come to a constructive conclusion. Each day, every day, I move closer to my goal. Otherwise, I just feel stuck in a dead-end world

Sometimes, however, life throws us a curve. This does not have to derail or destroy me. I just have to learn how to adjust my purpose.

My favorite quote is from Bobby Moresco.
“You can always do what you love to do. It doesn’t mean anyone is going to pay you. But no one can ever stop you.”

This is me when I am constant. This is me navigating through my day.
I have to keep life simple.
I have to go over the hows and the whys and the whens and the whats.
There is no emotion here. This is rational; not emotional.

There are different parts of our brain. There is the oldest part of the brain which takes care of basic survival. Then there is the emotional brain. This is where our memories go. This is where we store our past experiences. This is where fears live and insecurity and doubt and the boogie man and the monsters under the bed are here too.
Doubt lives here. Above all emotion lives here—however, up front and in the driver’s seat (or at least it should be) is the frontal lobe. This is where plans happen. This is where strategy lives. There is no fear or concern. There is just simple math based on fact and not opinion.

I am firm believer in self-assessment. In doing so, I have to be sure the emotional mind does not take over. Otherwise, I find myself being overly critical. I give in to fear. I give up. I become resentful. I cruse and I scream and I kick and I have tantrums.

There is no place in the business world for this or anything like this. In order for me to reach my best possible me; I have to detach from the emotional thought.

I have to understand my why: This is my purpose
I have to be clear on my how: This is my way to achieve
I need to understand my what: What are my plans and what is my strategy
I have to understand my when: All I have is now. Neither past nor future exist. So I need to make use of my time. Being overly critical is problematic and wasteful. There is no win or lose. Either way, I still have a race to run so it is pointless to worry about my last few turns. I just need to use the experience so I can be more effective my next lap around

First and foremost, I reject the idea of rejection.
First and foremost, I reject the notion that I cannot correct or redeem myself, that my success is dependent upon me, and no one else has the right to take away my desires.
Sometimes the thought machine gets away from me, which is when I need to step back and look around. I understand my fears. But most of my fears are made of old memories and vapor, which means they only exist to me.

Truth is I am moving forward. And yes, I fall quite often. But I get up twice as much. (so do you, by the way)
There is an idea that mistakes make us irredeemable in today’s society.
I get that . . .
Someone can literally cure cancer, AIDS, solve the deficit, but let them find themselves in poor judgement and make a mistake and then look how fast people swoop in to condemn them.
I reject this notion. Firmly, I believe my redemption depends upon me, in which, I go back to the first words I ever wrote to open my first journal.
“My redemption has nothing to do with your response.”

I know what my purpose is.
If I allow this to be taken away by anyone then this will only be because I allowed me to give this away.

I’m heading out next week on a jet plane, folks.
This easy coast kid is heading out to San Diego
I picked up a seven day project
I earned this on my own steam.
This is earned by me and my efforts.
More accurately, this is because I never allowed anyone to deter me from my “Why?”

I love what I do
It keeps me going, which is why I am glad to have found my “Why?”

What’s yours?

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