A Day For Dedication

Note to Self:

Going forward, I say there needs to be a dedication to move onward. I say this takes commitment and an awareness that understands the depth of our commitment is equal to the level of our success.
I say we need to understand our goals. In future, I say it is important to understand the value of our dreams and the importance of our best possible interest.
I say this because there will be no one else there to see this through (Except for us) and that rather than have a dream deferred, I plan to have our goals achieved.

First and foremost, in order for me to make this declaration or to move forward or in any direction for that matter; I must understand what I am moving towards.
I cannot run or from anything anymore. If I run from anything I will be looking backwards and like a ship in rough seas, I will accept any port in the storm.
I have to understand there is a tremendous difference in running from and heading towards something
Rather than run from something, I will run towards, which means I will be intent on the direction I choose, which means I will see where I am going and notice the hazards and make mindful decisions.
And while, yes, I may be like a ship caught in the storm at times but at least when I know I will find my port. I will not compromise my value. I will not have settled or traded my problems; therefore, when I land, I will land exactly where I want to be.

Going forward, I say we have to act accordingly. We have to act according to our goals by enacting our plans and the proper strategies to achieve them.

Going forward, we must disregard the distractions such as people, places, and things.
We must clear ourselves from the inaccurate obstacles we see and be mindful of a few certain things

  1. Our goals belong to us. Not everyone will share in our dreams and even if they do, this does not mean they will share our same desire to achieve them

  2. There will be people who oppose us. There will be people that look to trip us and see us fall; and they will do this like it was their job; however, our job is to be consistent and persistent, to be mindful and unwavering, to continue, and to find our victories from small to large on a daily basis.

  3. We must learn the secret to our endurance. We have to know what fuels us and what drains us.

  4. We must find our best sources of inspiration and stick with them. Everyone else already has an opinion. Opinions distract us. So do compliments—so we have to be mindful of those to.

  5. Find what you love. Find your passion. Use this. Use it like a drug because it is a drug.
    In fact this is the best drug possible because this drug is all upside. There is no crash. There is no crash because this drug is us, internally, self-sufficiently growing, and being the best “Me” possible.

  6. We must come to a constructive conclusion at the end of each day. This does not mean that all went well; it just means in spite of everything, we successfully journeyed through our day at the best of our ability.

  7. We cannot and will not lose sight of ourselves or allow us to become second or less-than by any means. We have to care for ourselves and understand that we are always the square root to our own equation. Each morning begins with us and each night ends the same way

  8. Improvement takes work and work needs rest; otherwise, we find ourselves doing too many things at once, which is okay when it comes to multi-tasking, but multi-tasking is multi-tasking—doing too much at one time means we haven’t chosen to manage our time correctly, which will have an effect on our efficiency. Doing too much at once cane be too tiresome and being too tiresome can be wasteful

  9. There is no such thing as quitting; however, there are times when it is smart to cut losses and to stay clear of diminishing returns. Be aware of the sunk cost fallacies, in which sometimes the better investment is to understand our losses and learn to invest in something (or someone) else.

  10.  No one has the right to stop us from bettering our lives. No one has the right to stop us from learning. No one can stop us from doing what we love to do. No one can deter us from our path, our dreams, our hope, and our destiny

I once wrote to you and explained that the day they steal my smile is the same day they stole me. And I use the term “They,” as a broad definition because “They” could mean anybody and sometimes; I have to understand “They” could be “Me” as well, which means i cannot and will not give me to anything that is less than deserving of my time.

I cannot give myself away or allow me to be someone else’s definition. I am me. You are you. They are them. And we are us.

I like us.

Liking us is important. But to like us we have to understand our value. We have to know what we are worth. The list above is a way to maintain our self-worth. And self-worth is everything because without it, what could we possibly have?

If you ask me, if we don’t have us then we don’t have anything.
And I don’t want to just have anything—no, I want to have everything I’ve set my heart upon.

(Including you!)

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