The Autumn Wind

I love this time of year.
I love the transition from summer into winter.
The leaves change.
The kids go back to school.
The mood changes too.
I like the switch that gradually moves us into the colder months.

I am and always will be a fan of the outdoors.
I love the feel of that first cool evening,
or later on at night
after the sun is gone
the evening air is close to its first frost;
the smell of fireplaces permeates the air.
And the full moon . . .
the autumn sunsets . . .
the way the horizon intercepts color
and then spreads this out across the heavens
this what makes this season my favorite. 

I think of when I was young
how I never wanted to be indoors.
Not ever,
I always wanted to be outside
or out somewhere
out in the neighborhood
out on the town, with my friends
or out to the next town
I swear,
I never wanted to be home
or locked indoors.
In fact,
staying home was punishment. 

Whenever I screwed up or was in trouble,
my punishment was to be sent to my room.
No going out.
That’s it.

These days,
no going our seems to be the things to do.
Telling a kid to go to their room
is like a reward.
We ought to make them go outside,
dig a hole,
or get dirty and build a fort.

Come to think of it . . .
Kids today have Fortnite.
Us, we built forts
and then we asked our parents
if we could stay out
so we could have a sleepover
in the forts we built.


I would really like to see a change
I was to change the dynamic between us and our kids.
I wish they could see what we saw
or had the chance to play a simple game
like tag (You’re it!)
or kickball.

Everything is computerized now.
Everything is technology.
There is no imagination. There is no creativity.
There doesn’t need to be.
We have the technology to do this for us now.

I was speaking with a Mother about her children.
She explained their routine.
They come home and go on their computers.
No interaction
No imagination
nothing . . .

I suppose this is equivalent to me
This is the same as me when I came home from school
fresh from the door,
I immediately sat down in front of the television.

The leaves change.
Seasons change.
We change.

 I don’t mind the change.
I just think the world would be better off
if we experienced it more

I don’t mind the change of seasons though.
Know why?

The answer is simple.
The warmest I have ever felt in my life
was during the coldest time of winter,
and you and me, after a long day of the cold
we were cuddled beneath the blankets and sheets.

I tell you it was perfect!

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