The Game

Every so often, I will see a poker tournament on television. I watch to see the players, all of them with their own style, most of them wearing sunglasses to keep their opponents from seeing their eyes, or catching their “Tells” as they call, which means their eyes might tell a story about the cards their holding.

The stakes are high and the pressure is too. Everything is all dressed up loud and colorful—there’s a crowd and the people cheered on occasion, which glamorizes and glorifies the event even more. This competition attracts all kinds of competitors; all different types of people from different backgrounds and different heritage. and all of them jabber at each other in one form or another. This is to get under the skin of their opponent.

Every so often, I walk through some of the New York City parks and pass the chess tables. This place attracts all kind of competitors too.
Mostly quiet. Mostly cool. This is a game of intelligence. It’s a game of skill. I mean—this is all-out war; only the players never seem to flinch nor do they show a hint of emotion. They’re all straight faced and still, just waiting for their opponent to make their move.
They never move out of emotion. They just move in perfect strategies without regard for the concern to lose their queen which could possibly lead to sound of the word, “Checkmate!”

Step in my web says the spider to the fly . . .
I’ve got something to show you.

By the way, both games require skill. In both games, one person looks to win it all. Both games have a cool style to the match. One is more outwardly and the other is more quietly celebrated.

Either way, whichever game blows your hair back is fine but in the game of life, especially when it comes to the overly emotional pains of insecure delusion and when it comes to fear and the self-deprecating ideas that keep us from moving forward, plus, let’s not forget the deception of our perception—me, I’d rather be a chess player.

 There are times when we either feel too weak or too beaten by our own thoughts and insecurities that we move in reaction to them.
We run from instead of run towards and we react instead of act or simply just “Be.”

Life would be easier if we could all just push a button and not feel anymore. We could walk away from things that hold us back. We could make decisions based on strategy. We would not have to constantly regard the heart of our souls, which is not to say that our heart doesn’t deserve its place; however, if we could just push a button, we would be free to choose when we interact with the heart and when it would be better to leave the heart to the side.
We would also move forward without harping on every word or every piece of resentment. Just like a chess player, we could just move our pieces across the board in perfect strategy.

I never watch the poker tournaments for very long. I am too much like this in my real life. However, whenever I get the chance, I like to watch the chess players in the park because I want to be more like this in my real life. The Chess players remind me that sometimes, I can lose things and this would not be so detrimental, which means I can move forward and still retake the game.

Truth is there are no winners or losers and there is no right and wrong anymore. I believe those of us that think too much have struggled too often with the ideas of right or wrong. we feel too much and too often.Just remember: Life is not a game nor is this a dress rehearsal.
There’s no right or wrong anymore, just good, better, and best. 

It’s not about winning or losing for me—it’s just about being happy and not feeling the need to hide my “Tells” or cover my hand in fear that I might lose something.
Yet still, in the game of life, if I was asked would I rather be a card player or a chess player; I think I’d have to say a chess player. This would certainly make it easier for me to reach my goals.

Strategy folks, it’s what life is all about.

Image result for chess pieces on a board

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